Record Breaking Motorcycle Stunts Caught on Camera

By Mary Panerio

The first-ever Daredevil Wednesday kept Buffalo Chip guests on the edge of their seats with its array of death-defying motorcycle stunts and fearless feats of the human body. Thousands of spectators—as well as CMT film crews—nervously watched as these daredevils took their lives into their own hands, all in the name of setting world records. Check out the videos below to see the outcome of these jaw-dropping motorcycle stunts!

In the mother of all motorcycle stunts, Clint Ewing narrowly escaped death attempting to ride his motorcycle through a 360-foot Tunnel of Fire.



Freestyle Motocross rider, Tim Dyson, set out to perform a double backflip with a passenger.

In an amazing feat of human strength, Juli “The Dare Factor” Moody performed her Human Link stunt in which she used her bare arms to hold together two motorcycles drag racing in opposite directions.

American Hellrider, Patch McGillicutty, gave it his all trying to beat the speed record in the circular Wall of Death.