8 Lessons Bikers Could Teach the World About Camaraderie

By Jeff Smith

Bikers are some truly amazing people. They live by a code of respect for the road and everything on it, and they show an intense loyalty to their friends and family. In this age of digital friendships and one-click sharing, it’s more important than ever for folks to find a source of inspiration to help them authentically reconnect with their fellow man, and there’s nobody better to learn that from than a biker. Check out these eight lessons that prove bikers could teach the world a thing or two about camaraderie.

1. Bikers are Great Mentors

Maybe the one thing that bikers love more than riding their motorcycle is helping novice and less-experienced riders grow. Everybody is a beginner at some point, and bikers know helping riders develop makes the road a safer place and leads to one more person they can share their passion for motorcycling with.

2. Bikers Always Have Your Back

Bikers are incredibly loyal to one another. If you rolled in together, you’ll roll out together. Through thick or thin, if you’ve got biker friends, you’re in good shape.

3. Bikers are Super Nice People

The stereotype that bikers are mean and scary is as inaccurate as it is outdated. Bikers are generally outgoing and easygoing people, and if you meet another biker while you’re on the road, you can bet they’ll throw out a wave.

4. Bikers are Always Willing to Lend a Helping Hand

It’s an unspoken rule of the road for a biker to give a thumbs-up to any biker they see on the side of the road and stop to help based on the response they receive. Bikers also love to ride in support of causes and charities, as evidenced by the over half-a-million dollars donated by riders joining The Legendary Buffalo Chip signature rides.

5. Bikers Share a Universal Language

Where you’re from, the language you speak and what you believe really doesn’t matter all that much to a biker. If you share a love for traveling on two wheels, you’re considered a friend.

6. Bikers are Natural Storytellers

Anyone who’s traveled thousands of miles on a motorcycle is guaranteed to have some great stories to share. They also love to talk about the evolution of their motorcycle–where they got it, what they’ve done to it, where it’s been–and find out about other people’s bikes too. If you have the chance to swap stories with a seasoned biker, do not pass it up.

7. Bikers are Awesome to Party With

Bikers love to have a good time. It doesn’t get much better than celebrating with friends who share your common passion for life on two wheels, which is why so many bikers, new or old, do just that at The Largest Music Festival in Motorcycling™ every August.

8. Bikers are Eager to Share Useful Information

If you want to find the best roads to travel or a great place to stop, look no further than the first biker you see. Theyll gladly share their secrets with you and may even decide to ride along with.

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