See below for directions and alternative routes through Sturgis


It is recommended that skilled riders who don't mind gravel and people in 4-wheeled outfits driving from Rapid City take one of the alternate routes so you can avoid any possibility of traffic delays in downtown Sturgis. The best route is to take Exit #55 off I-90 (Near the Windmill Truckstop and Black Hills Harley Davidson). (Click on Map 5 Dealership-Chip) This road (Erickson Ranch Road) is paved to the Elk Creek Road, and then is good gravel all the way to the Buffalo Chip. It goes due north for 7.8 miles, then you should go right for .8 miles, at which point you come to a T where you'll turn left on Ricard Road for 5.6 miles to the Tilford Road. Turn right for 1.1 miles until you come to another T where you'll take a left and go 8 miles on Middle Alkali Road to Alkali Road, where you'll turn left and go 8 miles to the Buffalo Chip Box Office. This is beautiful farm country with the Black Hills to the West you won't see on other Hills rides and should save you quite a bit of time.


It is recommended that those on bikes who wish to avoid stop, wait forever, and then inch forward traffic simply go around it. One block away is a nice wide street with almost no traffic. So, take the very first right turn as soon as you get off I-90 at the Sturgis exit. Then take the first left , which is S. Fulton Street. Go North until you get to Douglas Street. Turn right until you get to Nellie (3 blocks). Turn left (north) 4 blocks until you get to Highway 34 (Lazelle Street). Turn right (east) until you get to the Chip. You just avoid the traffic jam.


Take the exit onto SD 34, which is also Lazelle Street. Go East under the underpass and continue a few blocks to the east edge of the McDonald's. Take a left onto William Street. Go East until 7th St. Go left just across the creek (about 1/2 block). There you'll see an unimproved street alongside the bike path. Go East on the unimproved street until you come to Junction. Turn right to cross the creek again. Then either 1) go 2 blocks back to Lazelle and turn left onto Lazelle (SD 34) and continue east to the Buffalo Chip, or 2) a probably faster route would be to go 1 block and turn left onto Dudley Street for a few blocks before turning right one block and getting back onto Lazelle (SD 34).


Take Highway 34 South to about 1 mile past St. Onge and go East a little more than 3 miles when the road will turn South for approximately a mile when it will intersect with Bighorn Road, where you'll want to turn east and go approximately 10 miles to Highway 79, where you'll turn right and travel South for about 7.5 miles, passing Bear Butte State Park the east. There, you'll intersect with Highway 34, where you'll take a left for under a mile, where you'll take a quick right to Airport Road, which is one mile to the Buffalo Chip's front gate.

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