Jared James Nichols Makes Unforgettable Sturgis Rally Debut

Young Guitar Prodigy Brings Blues Soul Power to Sturgis Concert Lineup

The celebrated blues guitarist of our generation has arrived, and his name is Jared James Nichols. On Monday, Aug. 5, when this emerging 22-year-old singer, writer, and performer takes the stage at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip, Sturgis concert-goers won’t know what hit them.

“Jared James Nichols isn’t just plugged in,” says Daymon Woodruff of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. “He’s tapped in, and overflowing. Highly charged, this kid’s got more soul than the devil could handle. Chip concert fans are gonna love him.”

Nichols’ sound is self-described as “Blues Soul Power,” but to those who have seen him perform, he is simply known as a “shredder.” His gritty vocals and face-melting riffs are something he’s been perfecting since childhood. Having grown up just down the street from Alpine Valley Resort—the location of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s last performance—Nichols began idolizing the late blues master at a young age. He started attending local Milwaukee and Chicago blues jams at the age of 13, learning from some of the nation’s finest. And by the age of 21, the blues powerhouse had 500+ gigs under his belt.

When asked why he performs, Nichols explains, “I want to give everyone that feeling that makes me plug in and play. It’s passion, it’s Blues Soul Power, it’s something that you love and you just can’t explain why. Well, this is my way of expressing that feeling for what I love.”

Today, a long list of accolades proves that all of Nichols’ hard work is paying off. His honors include winning the 2010 Jerry Horton Guitar Contest and 2011 Les Paul Tribute Contest, receiving Musicians Institute’s 2011 Outstanding Guitarist Award, and being featured in both Guitar World and Guitar Player magazines. After Aug. 5, Nichols will have this Sturgis concert at the Legendary Buffalo Chip to add to the list.

Reserve your passes now for a performance that will leave a lasting imprint in your mind as well as on your soul.  Years from now you’ll look back on this Sturgis concert and say, “I can’t believe I was there to see Jared James Nichols during his first performance at the Chip!”