Tramps Break Hearts and Melt Faces at Sturgis Music Festival

All-Girl One-Boy Band Brings Rockabilly to the 2013 Sturgis Rally


The nearly all-girl rockabilly band, The Tramps, make their debut Sturgis concert performance during the 2013 Sturgis Rally.  Crowds at the Kinison and Bikini Beach stages can expect to get in on some serious audience participation as these in-your-face rockers bring their top-notch showmanship to the Largest Music Festival in Motorcycling.

The three ladies of The Tramps—Shiloh Graves, Barbie Crash and Crystabel Lectar— met while bouting against one another on competing roller derby teams. After long talks about music with Shiloh, Barbie expressed her desire to create an all-girl “Cramps” cover band called “The Tramps.” No time was wasted starting the band, but after scouring town for a female drummer, they ended up with a loveably inebriated male drummer, Mike Invers.

Like The Cramps, The Tramps’ music is mostly in rockabilly form, played at varying tempos, with a minimal drum kit.  Their campy lyrics and image draw from and retro B-rated horror and sci-fi movie iconography.

These ladies of The Tramps are smokin’ hot, plus they appear during performances with two go-go dancers to boot! But don’t let the pretty faces fool you! Their great looks come with great talent—bringing home riffs your momma warned you about.

The Tramps are loved by bikers, punkers, and just about everyone in between. Reserve your passes now and experience this extremely hot ensemble at this year’s Sturgis Music Festival!