Dryvr to Drill Sturgis Rally Fans With Intense Heavy-Hitting Performances

Find a Spot in the Crowd for these Frenzied Metal Shows during the August Music Festival

With its beautiful excess of polished chrome, amped-up engines and high-octane horsepower, the Sturgis Rally is a perfect place for Dryvr. Where else would you rather watch a band that’s been called “so metal, they had to expand the periodic table?” Without a doubt, Dryvr has all of the elements necessary to bring a scintillating show to The Chip®’s showcase stages as part of the lineup of 2014 Sturgis concerts

Dryvr combined the top talent from the mid-west’s best metal bands to create the most insane super group the Sturgis Rally has ever seen! These monsters of metal feature a thick and heavy sound, with melodic grooves and high-intensity original songs. The band is also known for occasionally pulling out a cover or two, such as a metal version of The Doors’ classic, “Roadhouse Blues,” that’s as souped as a custom chopper!

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I have been attending the Chip for many years and I always enjoy the bands and all those who attend. Great job CHIP!!!
– David Brenneman