Iron Cowgirl Missy Inspires August Music Festival Audiences

Enjoy Southern Grit from the Heart during the Sturgis Rally with this Biker Band’s Uplifting Story

Want living proof that life on a bike can change your life? Look no further than a performance from Iron Cowgirl Missy! Missy’s sweet Southern Rock sound will draw you in, but it’s her amazing story and tough-as-nails attitude that will keep you coming back time and time again…and don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of chances to do so during the Chip’s August music festival!

Iron Cowgirl Missy will be entertaining partiers like you on the CrossRoads Stage while hosting the annual Fan Fest and inspiring audiences at the Biker Belles® reception. Missy and her biker band will also be rocking out on the Chip’s showcase stages throughout the Sturgis Rally.

Missy’s inspiring tales of the open road, overcoming heartbreak, beating cancer being a single mom and making lifelong friends at the Chip weave their way through her songs and sets. The meaningful melodies of “Heart of Steel,” “What You Deserve,” “Open Road,” and “Chasing My Dreams” will leave a lasting positive impact on your life and make you realize that Iron Cowgirl Missy is truly a biker who is living the dream!

Don’t miss your chance to take in the authentic Sturgis Buffalo Chip experience by seeing Iron Cowgirl Missy and the rest of the Chip’s showcase lineup during the August music festival. Reserve your passes now! 

To find out more about Iron Cowgirl Missy and her amazing story, check out her interview in the Sturgis Rider® News Blog, “Living Proof the Open Road Can Change Your Life.”

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Love Missy! Her music is from the heart, and she is the most real deal I have ever met. Can’t get any better than that for my taste.” – Miram Hennigan