Lovebettie Brings Swagger Rock to Buffalo Chip during Sturgis Rally

Lovebettie’s Buffalo Chip Debut Brings Swagger Rock to Sturgis Rally

High-energy anthems and howling ballads promise to kick off your Sturgis Rally in a big way when Lovebettie takes to the legendary Wolfman Jack Main Stage on Saturday, Aug. 2. This band’s super-hot and amazingly talented vocalist, Alexandra Napels, will have you spellbound and she belts out one irresistible tune after another during the Chip’s August music festival. Fresh off its immensely popular “Awake and Dreaming” tour, Lovebettie comes to the 2014 Sturgis Rally to introduce you to its unique brand of “swagger rock” prior to performances from The Cult and Queensrÿche.  

Lovebettie is well on its way to becoming a national sensation, having been dubbed Rolling Stone’s “Band to Watch.” With three killer albums under its belt, the band’s recent focus on touring aims to identify themselves to a nation obsessed with discovering and fostering new talent. This versatile group has proved they can rock out in front of any crowd, having opened for such diverse groups as 311, Rick Springfield, Fuel, Hinder and even Imagine Dragons. Soon, the band will have The Cult and Queensrÿche to add to its list!

Lovebettie is a band that’s mere moments away from its big breakthrough. Don’t miss your chance to say you saw them before they became a household name. Reserve your passes now for the Best Party Anywhere™!

Last year was our first year and it was the greatest experience in the world. The people and the entertainment mixed with the beautiful rides can’t find anything as great as this. My wife and I will be coming back every year.” – Bo Keyes