Ultimate Biker Band Lynyrd Skynyrd Rocks Historic Sturgis Rally Party

Experience the Music that Defined an Entire Genre Aug. 4

It wouldn’t be history’s biggest biker party without a performance from the quintessential biker band, the band Chip fans request most—Lynyrd Skynyrd. So when the Southern rock gods bring you their unique mix of guitar-driven blues and traditional country undertones on Tuesday, Aug. 4, just enjoy the ride.

Whether the sound of “Freebird” releases your inner air guitar player, or you simply find yourself caught up in a little “Sweet Home Alabama” nostalgia, it’s impossible to ignore the fact Lynyrd Skynyrd produced some of the most loved and recognizable songs in rock ‘n’ roll history. 

Lynyrd Skynyrd is considered one of the most respected bands in rock ‘n’ roll and is credited with the popularization of an entire musical genre—Southern rock. The band’s deep catalog of hits includes songs like “Saturday Night Special,” “You Got That Right,” “What’s Your Name,” “Smokestack Lightning,” “Simple Man,” “They Call Me the Breeze,” and “Gimme Three Steps.” Songs like these make it easy to see how generations of music lovers could become die-hard Skynyrd fans that just can’t ever get enough.

If you pass up the chance to see Skynyrd during the Buffalo Chip’s Party of the Century, you’ll be missing out on a true Sturgis Rally must see. Make sure you get the Authentic Sturgis Experience™ and reserve your passes now!

Is Lynyrd Skynyrd part of your life’s personal soundtrack? Tell us why in the comments below!

“Another one of the most amazing shows in the world…in the best place on the planet.” – Real Joseph Edouard Morin