Reformed Whores’ August Music Festival Performances Will Make You Laugh Until You Wheeze

Revel in Your Immaturity and Take Delight in Raunchy Country Western Tunes

Reformed Whores might not be proud of their past, but don’t be intimidated by their transformation. Why? Because the only change you’ll need to make is into a fresh pair of underwear after you wet yourself from laughing at their hilariously raunchy performances. If you only brought one pair of undies, don’t worry–Reformed Whores will be performing nightly at the Chip’s Comedy Club ,daily at the Hoyt Axton stage and opening for “Weird Al” Yankovic on the Wolfman Jack Stage, so you’ll have several opportunities to see them this during the Chip’s 35th annual August music festival if you soil yourself. See the Chip’s daily schedule for performance times.

The Southern-bred, NYC-based comedy country western duo may look innocent, but they deliver the dirtier side of life without batting an eye. These working girls have been everywhere, straddling music venues and comedy clubs from coast to coast, as well as appearances on SiriusXM radio, Huffington Post, CollegeHumor, and many more. The Whores have toured with legendary bassist and Primus frontman Les Claypool, and also Dweezli Zappa. Now they’re coming back to the Chip to tickle your funny bone.

These days Reformed Whores have been whorin’ less and singin’ more, which means you’ll be laughing more than you have in a long time…unless you don’t come to see them. Don’t let these Reformed Whores down by not coming… Reserve your passes now!

”The Chip rocks! Year after year! Anniversary or not!”
– Alex Simeonidis