Reverend Horton Heat to Ignite August Music Festival with High-Octane Psychobilly

Go Balls to the Wall with Loud, Fast and Sexy Rock ‘n’ Roll during the Chip’s Outrageous 35th Anniversary Party

Anybody who’s ever been to the Sturgis Buffalo Chip’s August music festival can attest to South Dakota’s toasty summer nights, but it’s going to go from toasty to incendiary when rockabilly legends Reverend Horton Heat burn up the Wolfman Jack Stage. The Dallas, Texas-based trio will make their Sturgis Buffalo Chip performance debut on Wednesday, Aug. 10, and you’d better have your fire extinguisher handy when they do.

Reverend Horton Heat has been transforming audiences with their intense, revelatory rock shows since their formation in 1985. Frontman and lead guitarist Jim Heath earnestly delivers the band’s sermon of “country-fed punkabilly” in a way that only someone who looks like a cross between an evangelical preacher and 1950s rock & roll shaman can. The Rev’s lightning-fast licks call up deeply rooted traditions of American rock, blues and country, set ablaze with nitro-boosted punk rock attitude and speed. Meanwhile, his rock-solid rhythm section, propelled by Jimbo Wallace’s frenetic upright bass work, thunders along in synchronicity like a fine-tuned hot rod.

Reverend Horton Heat lives by the Gospel of Rock & Roll. Every performance is laced with a hearty dose of dysfunctional Americana humor, and the band injects three simple commandments into the hearts of every audience–rock hard, drive fast and live true. You’ll be inspired to do the same when you hear the face-melting fretwork during the opening notes of “Psychobilly Freakout.” “Galaxy 500” humorously recounts the reality of relationships gone awry. “The Devil’s Chasing Me” will make you want to ride like Lucifer is on your tail, and “Let Me Teach You How to Heat” will have you scanning the crowd for your future ex-lover all while you boogie uncontrollably.

Reverend Horton Heat has been building their cult-like following with a religious fervor for over 30 years. When they take the stage during the 35th anniversary of the Best Party Anywhere®, you’ll be lining up for your piece of rock & roll communion. Don’t miss your chance to experience the one-of-a-kind rock and roll rejuvenation the Psychobilly space-cowboys in Reverend Horton Heat are famous for. Reserve your passes now!

“The Buffalo Chip is a damn good time, and that’s why we keep going back. The concerts are fabulous, and the beer is cold. It’s a motorcycle rally – you make your own fun. Some folks need Disney or an event coordinator in a cruise. We’ll take the Chip. Just bought our passes for next year!” – Ruphus Armstrong