Buffalo Skull Sculpture

What’s all the Talk about a Bare Bonz Buffalo Skull Sculpture?

If you were at Sturgis Rally 2007, chances are you’re already familiar with the impressive metal forging abilities of 3rd generation master blacksmith Vaughn Schafer. Sturgis Rally 2007 is where Schafer showcased his 3-years-in-the-making totally hand-crafted $50,000 motorcycle that he fashioned into—of all things—the shape and size of an anatomically-correct prehistoric saber-toothed tiger!

Yes, you heard right, a motorcycle that resembles a saber-toothed tiger, complete with ribs, pumping heart, spine, and more. The skull on the custom motorcycle’s front was even modeled after a real saber-toothed tiger skull previously unearthed in Utah.

Vaughn Schafer is at it again

This year, Vaughn Schafer returns to Sturgis Rally 2009. And this time, he’ll be at the Buffalo Chip Campground to unveil another hand-crafted masterpiece. You see, he’s been commissioned create a giant replica of what else? A buffalo skull! When he’s finished, his custom buffalo skull will measure a whopping 6’ x 6’ and will proudly hang above Buffalo Chip Campground’s Miller Time Party Deck for all to see.

Unveiling and raising of this one-of-a-kind Bare Bonz Buffalo Skull Sculpture takes place on Saturday, August 8th at around 3 p.m. It’s going to be another monumental event at the Buffalo Chip Campground so put the date and time on your schedule. Like everything else at the campground, it’ll be a time for celebration.

Your presence can live on

And as you might expect, the folks at Buffalo Chip are offering you and your friends an opportunity to do more than witness this unveiling.

Are you ready for this?

For just $10, you can have your initials inscribed on the custom Bare Bonz Buffalo Skull Sculpture. You’ll get your very own 1” x 1” space to immortalize your presence at Sturgis Rally’s finest playground, the Buffalo Chip Campground. But that’s not all. You’ll even get a souvenir patch to take with you so you can always remember the historical Sturgis Rally 2009 occasion.

Although it’s pretty big, space for initials on the Buffalo Chip buffalo skull is limited. Order your space now!