Cowboy Mounted Shooting

Sharpshooter and Pinkerton to Blast ’em Again at the 2006 Sturgis Rally

It will be your chance to witness a great portion of American history. One of the nation’s most entertaining trick shot marksmen, Phil “Red” Smith will be giving daily performances at the Legendary Buffalo Chip during the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West show ran for 30 years, from 1883 until 1913, touring the United States and Europe with legendary figures like Sitting Bull and Annie Oakley. It just wasn’t possible for millions of Americans to experience the West as he had, so Cody simply brought it to their front doors.

Red’s show brings the old west to the front door of your camper.

And, it’s reminiscent of the great trick shooters of Cody’s Wild West Show, made famous by Doc Carver, Annie Oakley and Adolph and Plinky Topperwein.

Red will be in the amphitheater from Friday, Aug. 4 through Saturday, Aug. 12 brandishing revolvers, a lever-action rifle and a 12 gauge shotgun atop his registered Quarter Horse, Mr. Pinkerton Straw (Pinkerton).

Red will start with shooting 10 balloons with pistols from Pinkerton’s back. Each pistol will have five rounds, and he won’t miss. Pinkerton will be on a dead run as Red dispatches each balloon in a single pass. Every Sturgis Rally camper who wants to see what a real cowboy was faced with in the wild wild west, won’t want to miss this show.

Don’t worry. Red shoots special blank cartridges that are just strong enough to break the balloon. They aren’t harmful, but they are loud!

Red tops off his amazing Sturgis Rally shows with a bull-whip demonstration.

The entire show is a great demonstration of outstanding marksmanship and first-rate horse training.

When he completes the show, Red rides patrol around the campground.

Both he and Pinkerton make numerous new biker friends each year as he rides the campground. It’s a great treat for many campers from areas of the world where horses of this quality aren’t commonly found.