Illumination the Fire Eaters and More

Illumination will be dazzling audiences during the 2006 Sturgis Rally at the Buffalo Chip Campground.

  What Is Illumination?
Since 2000, Illumination has been dazzling audiences in and around the Twin Cities with the HOTTEST act in town. We are a fire performance troupe offering a variety of unique talents which include fire eating, breathing and spinning, as well as stilt walking and other circus arts. Whether it’s just one dancer or our full ten piece troupe, Illumination will light up the night with unforgettable performances in the realm of the sensual, spiritual, or seductive and encourage the audience to feel connected to the show. Our shows range from improvised dancing to full length choreographed pieces. Whether indoors or outdoors, our performances are always professional and safe. We have performed in most major dance clubs in Minneapolis and on stage with many local and national bands. Our musical accompaniment includes drummers, dj’s or live bands. In addition to fire, we also produce beautiful shows using black light and various light-up props. It is our mission to evoke spirit, tap into human emotion, and redefine life’s dream with passion and rejuvenation. Illumination will take the audience on a journey of the mind as we utilize our two most essential elements, light and sound, to open the heart, uplift the spirit, and rediscover the source within each and everyone of us…

The Cast…

Cori Stahlecker– aka “Corizon” – Director/Choreographer, Fire Eating, Fire Transfers, Fire Fingers, Fire Poi, Fire Palms
Steve Poreda – aka “Mr Fun” – Fire Devil Sticks, Fire Staff, Fire Batons, Fire Poi, Stilt Walking,       Contact Juggling, Flags, Double Fire Batons
Travis Hussey – Fire Batons, Fire Poi, Fire Staff, Fire Breathing, Contact Juggling, Double Fire Batons
Kristen Doll – Fire Eating, Fire Breathing, Fire Transfers, Fire Fingers, Fans
April Barnhart – Fire Poi, Fire Fingers, Fire Palms
Alyssa Kluver– Fire Poi, Fire Fingers, Fire Palms, Fire Staff
Aimee B – Fire Staff, Fire Poi, Fire Fingers, Fire Palms, Double Staff, Choreography
Mark Alpert – Fire Poi, Fire Fingers
Nicole Miller – Fire Poi, Fire Eating, Fire Transfers, Fire Staff, Fire Fingers, Fire Palms, Double Fire Batons