LFI Laser Light Show

Signature Sturgis 2006


LFI provides dazzling atmospheric beam displays that will create an exciting sense of ‘electricity’ throughout the entire campground, filling the night sky from the Chip spanning all edges of the Sturgis 2006 event.

The beams package utilizes our 50 watt YAG laser system. With beams visible from over 50 miles away, this portion of the laser display is sure to generate a festive flavor for all on site visitors.

Graphics/ Messaging~

 This portion of the laser display includes moving messaging and compelling logo presentations designed to capture the attention of YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE!!

Images, animated logo display, and moving text messaging will be displayed from the same green laser system as described in the ‘beams package’. The imagery will be projected onto the 28’ tall x 48+’ scrims located on both sides of the stage. These projections will be displayed sporadically throughout the night, and grab the attention of your customers through the element of surprise – “What was that”, -then your logo and messaging races across the scrims – instilling a lasting branding impression of your product or service.

These high impact visuals will be displayed multiple times each night over the entire course of the event. Imagine the impression your presence will leave when your company Signatures Sturgis!

Laser Spectacular ~

LFI’s bigger than life inflatable arch will serve as the centerpiece for stand alone entertainment throughout the night. In-between staged performances, LFI will produce and deliver spectacular sound and laser light shows. Animated graphic imagery choreographed to song modules of all genres will fill the entire 42’6” x 23’ screen. Country, Rock, Patriotic, and Jazz song modules will be presented to entertain motorcycle enthusiasts of all demographics.

At the commencement of the laser show, the Sponsor’s Logo will be displayed, followed by all other mid-level sponsor logos. The show will also conclude with tastefully done ‘laser-mercials’ for all key sponsors of the Signature Sturgis Graphics Package.

LFI’s powerful 50 watt aerial beams will complement this show with the sizzle of dancing beam effects that are carefully choreographed with the body of the graphic show. Theatrical lighting will be used to change the color of the inflatable during the show for added aesthetic appeal.

Graphics Package ~

Our team of award winning artists will recreate your company logo in animated laser light. From infinity, your logo will spin into view, filling the entire screen in vivid full color laser light, and remaining on the screen, static for a minimum of 10 seconds.

To create a strong presence and truly brand Signature Sturgis Sponsors, our art department will design unique and entertaining ‘laser-mercials’. These are animated sequences branding your company in a compelling display that reaches your target customers through high impact visual sensory. These loops will be custom designed, 30 second modules that will be displayed dozens of times nightly.

Sponsorship Package includes custom programming of your logo and text messaging, displayed onto 1 to 3 projection surfaces (weather determined – if too windy inflatable will NOT be used, but the two stage side scrims will be used instead – logo display is guaranteed).

Investment: $2,500.00 Terms: 100% at time of contract and prior to custom programming

Please contact: Tamy Mosbrucker – 206-200-3073 [email protected]