Ross & Rotten


Allen Ross is one of the most prolific songwriters in the biker community.  His tunes, performed with long-time partner Hank Rotten Jr., have become staples at biker events and in juke boxes in nearly every biker bar in the country.  Ross & Rotten will be performing nightly at the Legendary Buffalo Chip in 2006.
Ross & Rotten have been performing their edgy, and sometimes downright blue humor for the crowds at the Legendary Buffalo Chip in Sturgis for more than a decade.
Their three CDs: “Rotten Roll”; “Bikers Eat Their Young”; and “Sick” are favorites among the biker crowds everywhere.  It’s not unusual to see crowds singing along to Ross anthems like “Harley In The Rain,” and “Dog Philosophy.”
Ross & Rotten have become a part of the Chip family and no party with the Chip’s name on it would be complete without them.