The Black Parrot

Wondering what a Black Parrot is doing in a place like Buffalo Chip when it’s really a native species of Seychelles, a beautiful group of islands off the coast of Kenya? Well, the Black Parrot that’s at Buffalo Chip isn’t really a parrot but it IS a beautiful place!

Where’s the Black Parrot?

The Black Parrot is a tropical-themed watering hole located smack in the center of the Buffalo Chip Campground. It sits on the banks of Emerald Pond and believe it or not it’s surrounded by some of the prettiest, whitest sand you’ve ever seen – in South Dakota that is!

There really isn’t any place like the Black Parrot in all of Sturgis so while you’re visiting the Buffalo Chip Campground, be sure to stop by and get yourself and your friends a cold one. Slushy tropical drinks, Black Jack on the rocks, sex on the beach, screaming orgasms, icy cold draft beers and practically anything else you can think of are on the menu at the Black Parrot.

If you didn’t know you were at the 2008 Sturgis Rally in South Dakota you’d swear you were vacationing in a tropical paradise. Surrounded by the sounds of laughter and gently falling water, it’s easy to sit back and let all your cares fade away. You can choose your locale too. You can kick back in the Black Parrot’s gazebo area or dangle your toes along the water’s edge or sunbathe on our multi-level sundeck.

And if at ay time you start getting a bit too hot you can always cool down in Emerald Pond. There you can swim, frolic, play games or pretend you’re Tarzan and swing from the rope that we’ve hung by the pond!

Black Parrot Every Night at 5:30

But whatever you do, don’t forget to grab a spot at the Black Parrot each night around 5:30 because you won’t want to miss what’s coming out of Emerald Pond. You’ll probably think you’ve had one too many or that you’re hallucinating or that you’ve died and gone to heaven because what you’ll see starting at 5:30 is going to seem way too good to be true.

Right before your eyes the most gorgeous women you’ve ever seen will start emerging from the pond dressed only in their swimsuits! Those beautiful water nymphs that appear as if by magic are the night’s Miss Buffalo Chip/Hawaiian Tropics contestants and they’re going to be strutting their stuff on the Black Parrot stage hoping to get your vote during our nightly Miss Buffalo Chip/Hawaiian Tropics swimsuit competition.

The stakes in this all-time favorite Buffalo Chip contest are high and this is the first time ever that the contestants will be making such a dramatic and eye-popping entrance. So come join history in the making at the Black Parrot, Buffalo Chip’s best ever place to relax and indulge – and where you’ll see some stunning Sturgis babes too!