Ultimate Burnout Contest a Scorching Spectacle

Buffalo Chip Revs its Engine with Turbocharged Competition

Join the world’s top custom bike builders and moto-celebrities as they battle for the coveted title of Burnout King of Sturgis at the Buffalo Chip’s Ultimate Burnout Contest.  This challenge pits 12 competitors in one of the most unique motorcycle stunts of its kind—a fierce, tournament-style stationary drag race to 5th gear.

Dave Withrow of American Cycle Magazine hosts this extreme Sturgis Rally faceoff, which whittles down 12 competitors to the final drag king through a series of four burnout drag heats. Be there to witness this intense battle unfold to the thunderous roar of exhaust and thousands of screaming fans. The Kinison Playground becomes the official house of fire and rubber-burning fury on Tuesday, Aug. 6 at 10 pm. 

Don’t miss out on any of the action, as the Ultimate Burnout Contest joins a slew of blistering hot Sturgis Rally performers to set foot on the Kinison Stage that day, including the Sturgis Rider® Rhythm RockersThe Mods and Jared James Nichols

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