White Knight Monster Truck Ride

Are you an adventure seeker or an adrenaline junkie?  I just might have the healing therapy you need.  Let me introduce you to……….

The “White Knight”, a 2001 F-150 Ford Monster Ride Truck.  With 66 inch tires and four wheel-steering, this truck is not your everyday 4-wheel drive vehicle.  Does this grab your attention?  Now, you have the opportunity to climb aboard for a gripping ride, feel the power first hand and experience the wrath of the “White Knight” Monster Ride Truck at Buffalo Chip, South Dakota for the 2006 rally August 7th-14th.

Kelli Mundhenke with her husband, Brian, has been in the motor-sports industry for many years. One of the few female monster truck drivers in the business, Kelli proves that bad a** ladies, don’t drive Mercedes.

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