Miss Buffalo Chip 2012


Rating: 6.97
Votes: 1,038

Samantha’s Profile

Location: Memphis, TN
Occupation: Model/ Clean houses
Measurements: 34-23-34
Dark Brown hair
Green eyes

Buffalo Chip at The Sturgis Bike Rally is known as the best party anywhere, what are you most looking forward to this year at this event? The best party anywhere! That’s what living is about baby! 🙂

The Sturgis Rally is all about one thing, bikes!! When you ride a bike, which do you prefer, full throttle as fast as it can go, or taking it nice and easy? Full throttle all the way! And I dont mean 5 minutes into the road I want to feel an adrenaline rush!!! If you’re not first you’re last!

What is your favorite part about being on the back of a bike? Holdng on to what’s in front of me. 😉

Every biker knows, you never leave home without your leathers, what article of clothing do you never leave home without and why? A good bra because, come on, you always need a good bra at hand!

What’s your biggest turn on about a man on a bike? How he can control something so powerful and dangerous!

Why do you want to be Miss Buffalo Chip 2012? I love new experiences and although I grew up riding and being around bikes Ive never been to a bike week so what better combination than to go to your first bike week and win it! I understand the concept of motorcycles, choppers, street bikes, etc. I know why men and women want and need them. Everyone can say that they’re outgoing and a super people person but when you can relate to something that truly means something to people thats more than just being a winner! That’s why I know I’d make a great and one of a kind Miss Biffalo Chip 2012! 🙂