Miss Buffalo Chip 2016

Michelle Bue

Rating: 8.87
Votes: 5,168

Michelle Bue’s Profile

Minneapolis, MN

Occupation: Civil Engineer
Height: 5’10
Measurements: A handful
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Black

Describe yourself in just a few words:
Classy, Sassy, and a bit Smart Assy

What is your favorite thing about a man on a bike?
Ass-less chaps

Do you want to ride on the back of a bike or do you want to drive and why?
Yes, because where we are going we don’t need roads.

What item are you bringing with you to the Buffalo Chip that you cannot leave home without?
I’m a gypsy. I don’t need anything particular.

What’s your favorite thing about a bike rally?
The freedom of doing and saying whatever the f*** I want!

This is the 35th anniversary of The Best Party Anywhere – If it’s your first year at the rally or if you’ve been the the Chip before – what are you most looking forward to?
The concerts… Rock and Roll at its finest.

Why do you want to be Miss Buffalo Chip 2016?
Miss Buffalo Chip can kick ass and do it looking flawless. That describes me to a T!