RV Camping

RV's are becoming more and more popular.

An ever-increasing number of Buffalo Chip customers are choosinge to travel and camp in recreational vehicles .  We have attempted to meet this need by completing hundreds of improved RV sites where we can make power and water available.

Improved Sites

NO RV space is paved. There is neither pavement nor concrete. The improvements are in a pasture or alfalfa field. We have not and will not pave sites. There is no pavement in the campground. All roads are either chipped asphalt, gravel or trails in the prairie or alfalfa. None of the RV spaces are leveled.

Stage Hill RV Camping Area

The spaces in Stage Hill RV Park are naturally pretty level. RV spaces in Stage Hill are assigned at the time of sale. The space you want may not be available if you're reserving late. Don't expect to always see Sturgis Buffalo Chip concerts from the Stage Hill RV camping area. The sites are located at the top of the amphitheater. We cannot guarantee you'll be able to see the stage over the top of another camper who may camp between you and the stage. RV spaces in the Stage Hill RV Park are 20 feet wide and of varying length, not exceeding 40 feet. These sites provide 30 amp power ONLY. Some sites will only accommodate shorter rigs.

Crazy Horse RV Camping Area

Most of the spaces in Crazy Horse camping area are relatively level, but some require more leveling than others, so you should discuss it when you call to make your reservation. RV spaces in Crazy Horse are assigned at the time of sale. The space you want may not be available if you're reserving late. RV spaces in Crazy Horse are 25 feet wide and 40 feet long. Either 30 or 50 amp power is available. Some sites in Crazy Horse will only accommodate shorter rigs.

Water Tower RV Camping Area

The Water Tower 28 sites are 20' x 50' and have power and water. They are located along our main entrance road, so you'll have plenty of "entertainment" to watch.

South Forty RV Camping Area

The spaces in the South 40 are naturally fairly level. You should take the natural terrain into consideration and be prepared to know what special arrangements you'll need if you are trailering an expensive custom or show bike with minimal clearance. Sites in the South 40 Parks are also first come - first served, however they are not assigned. If you want to camp next to your buddy, you will need to arrive together. RV spaces in the South 40 East are 20 feet wide and 40 feet long. Either 30 or 50 amp power is available. RV spaces in South 40 West are 25 feet wide and 40 feet long. Either 30 or 50 amp power is available.

RV Camping Sites for Handicap

The Buffalo Chip strives to make every guest experience an enjoyable one. Should you have any special needs or requests, please contact us at least 30 days in advance of your arrival at 605-347-9000. The Buffalo Chip has a limited number of Handicap accessible RV sites available in the North Shower Building area. The sites include 50 or 30 amp electricity along with water. The sites are located in the North shower building area, near the amphitheater. A valid state-issued Handicap parking credential will be required to access the handicap sites.

Dump Stations and Portable Dump Service

Also, while there are no sewer hookups for the camping areas listed above, there are plenty of dump stations. The first eight (8) dump stations are located at the entrance as you approach the West Gate (main entrance), so please dump prior to entering the camp. Please take a look at the online campground map to determine the location of other dump stations, or you can refer to our RV Services section by clicking here.

RV Check – In & Trailer Parking

Please arrive at the Buffalo Chip for check in no later than 4:00pm so we can have you parked before 7:30 pm. Any RV’s arriving to late to be parked by 7:30 pm will be staged in a holding area for the night and parked the following day. You will enter the campground on the west side from 131st Avenue. You must stop at the Box Office in order to get your credentials. Those with trailers longer than 20 feet, or trailers that won't fit within the reserved RV site, must drop their trailers in the trailer area (unless you have reserved a space in Crazy Horse) and then you will be directed to the appropriate RV area where a parking attendant will assist you with parking.

RV Parking

No RV unit, trailer, motorcycle, and/or 4-wheeled vehicle will be allowed to extend into the roadway or run over the boundaries of the designated RV camping site. There will also be NO PARKING ALLOWED of any additional 4-wheeled vehicles, motorcycles, and/or trailers within the roadways. The roadways MUST remain clear in order for emergency crews, service vehicles, and RV units to move freely and have full access for their respective duties/destinations. Keeping the roadways clear is of HIGHEST PRIORITY.

NOTE: Please know that we’ll have to strictly enforce this. We once had a heart attack victim in an RV that the ambulance couldn't get to because of such parking. It may be a simple little rule and may create a little inconvenience, but it’s a matter of life and death.

RV Camping Site

Only one camping unit will be allowed in any RV site. In addition to the camping unit, motorcycles and/or one 4-wheeled vehicle is allowed within the site. Any additional 4-wheeled vehicles must be kept in a designated parking lot and NOT in the RV camping area.

RV Pricing - RV sites are priced as a one-time fee no matter how many days you choose to stay. (see rates and Rally dates below). Keep in mind, there are a limited number of RV improved camping sites available. Therefore, we suggest making your reservations as soon as possible.
To Purchase - All Buffalo Chip RV Camping sites must be paid in full at the time of reservations. Considering a rally pass is your “admission” onto the campground, at least one (1) rally pass will be required to purchase when making reservations for RV camping site.
Forms of Payment - The Buffalo Chip accepts Master Card, Visa, Discover and money orders. (personal/company checks not accepted)
Non-Refundable -
(no exceptions)
All RV Camping sites and rally passes are NON-REFUNDABLE from the time of purchase.
Phone Reservations - Reservations can be made by calling The Buffalo Chip Campground at 605-347-9000; 8am-5pm Mountain Time Mon-Thurs; 8am-1pm Mountain Time on Fridays; Winter hours 8:00am to 4:00pm Mountain time.  Closed on all major holidays.
Online Reservations - Reservations can be made through our website at www.rallytickets.com or by clicking here.
Taxes/Processing Fee - SD State Sales Tax – 5 ½ % (+) plus 6 ½ % processing fee if making reservations by phone, or a 6 % processing fee if making reservations on our website.



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