Relax During August Music Festival at Buffalo Chip's Bikini Beach


Bikini Beach Swim Paradise Offers Cool Place to Hang During the Day and Hot Place to Party at Night

Soak Up the Fun and Unwind at the Beach During this Year’s August Music Festival

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The beer is cold, the water is warm and the events and music are hot at the Buffalo Chip’s Bikini Beach! Kick back, relax and take in part of authentic Sturgis Buffalo Chip® experience at this inviting piece of paradise just outside the main amphitheater. Soak up the sun on one of the lounging decks, take a dip to cool off, throw back some cold drinks from the cabana bars or take in the stage action from a table on the patio.

As seen on TV in CMT’s Biker Battles, the Bikini Beach Stage boasts some of the Chip’s best showcase entertainment. Take part in some off-the-wall fun every afternoon during a series of crazy contests hosted by comedian Chris Trew, then check out the pumped-up party scene during late-night performances from Buffalo Chip showcase bands!

See the daily schedule for event times!

Homemade Bikini Contest
If you’ve got an exceptional sense of style and like to “Do It Yourself,” then this daily contest is the place to put your skills to the test for a chance to win prizes. If seeing women wearing skimpy homespun bikinis sounds like something you’d enjoy, this is easily one of the hottest places to be during the Sturgis rally.

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Air Sex Championships
Are you a master of pelvic storytelling? Do you have a whole lotta motion in your ocean? If you’re an expert at making love to nobody in particular, then you’d make a serious contender in the Air Sex World Championships. If you’re not an air Casanova, you can laugh yourself silly watching people do the dirtiest and most ridiculous stuff you’ve ever seen anyone do to the air.

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Ultimate Rope Swing Contest
Belly flop, face plant, back flip, cannonball, you name it—this is the event where anything goes. Whether you’ve got real skill or just want to act like an idiot, this contest will help you cool off during the hot days! Show off your favorite jump or dive, and if the judges decide it’s the best, you’ll be going home with some awesome Buffalo Chip prizes!

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Slip ‘N’ Slide Relay
There’s no bad time to launch yourself down the ginormous slip ‘n’ slide at Bikini Beach, but if you do it during the daily Slip ‘N’ Slide Relay, a free beer will be waiting for you at the end! Take the plunge, swim to the ladder, slam your beer and flip your cup faster than the opposing team, and you’ll come out the winner!

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Whipped Cream Twister
It’s slippery. It’s sticky. It’s downright sexy. Grab your friends and step up to the mat to see who can keep from falling down when you’re contorting your body while balanced in giant piles whipped cream.

Frozen T-Shirt Contest
Everyone knows wet t-shirt contests are hot, but since the daily party at Bikini Beach is already so smokin’, this contest’s contestants have to use frozen t-shirts to cool things down! Pull it, tear it, sit on it, or soak it with your beer; we don’t care how you get it on, just do it before the other contestants.

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Beers & Burps Contest
To hell with minding your manners! The Chip wants your longest, loudest juiciest burp, and we’ll give you the liquid ammunition you need to get ‘er done! In addition to some major bragging rights, the winner will take home some sweet Buffalo Chip swag!

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Live Music
Some of the hottest up-and-coming bands will be tearing up the Bikini Beach Stage every night at midnight. Kick off your shoes and dance in the sand an arms’ length away from the band or climb the steps to check out the scene from the aerial viewing platform.

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See the daily schedule for event times!

Be sure to check out all of the Chip’s stages during the August music festival including Kinison Stage, CrossRoads Stage, Hoyt Axton Stage, Buffalo Chip Comedy Club, Club Chip and, of course, the legendary Wolfman Jack Stage