Show Off Your Real-Life Imaginary Sex Skills in the Air Sex Championships

Make Fiery Passionate Love to Absolutely Nobody During the Sturgis Rally

Prepare for a politely offensive, utterly hilarious and strangely tender celebration of sexual freedom and self-expression in a real contest to determine who can pretend-f–k the thin air better than anybody else. It’s no f—ing game, it’s the Air Sex Championships.

This daily event at Bikini Beach presents an enchanting mixture of dexterity, performance art, comedy and interactive storytelling. It’s equal parts eroticism and voyeurism, and it’s the funniest damn thing you’ll ever see.

You and your friends!
What: Air Sex Championships
When: Daily at Bikini Beach (see Daily Schedule for times)
Be part of the greatest sporting event of all time
Just get there! Sign up to participate on site.

Air Sex combines the spectacle of a professional sporting event with the creativity of a top-notch talent contest. Contestants engage in stupefying sexual experiences with an imaginary partner (or partners) in a display of pelvic storytelling and pure imagination. Comedian and professed “Air Sexual” Chris Trew freaked out the nation with his Air Sex prowess on America’s Got Talent and The Bad Girls Club, so it is only fitting he is the host of the show. 

The Air Sex Championships have been in tiny dive bars, grand theaters, movie halls, college campuses, national television, comedy festivals and music festivals. But there’s no other venue that can do it quite like the Legendary Buffalo Chip during the Sturgis Rally.

So what happens when the greatest sporting spectacle of all time merges with the greatest outdoor event of all time? A whole lot of real-life imaginary sex, that’s what!