Herd Bull Bronze Sculpture Brings Native American Culture to Life in 2016 at The CrossRoads at the Buffalo Chip®

Immerse Yourself in the Culture of the American Indian People when Herd Bull on Tour Makes its Way to The Best Party Anywhere®

See the spirit of the American buffalo come alive when you visit the world’s largest sculpture of a bison skull on display at the free-access CrossRoads at the Buffalo Chip®. You’ll be amazed when you stand in the presence of this larger-than-life buffalo skull at the Chip’s larger-than-life party.

As soon as you set foot on site, you’ll immediately be struck by the massive size of this magnificent piece of art crafted by Sioux artist Benji Daniels. The 24-feet-wide, seven-feet-high bison skull weighs in at a staggering two and a half tons, with each piece of the buffalo head individually cast and welded to create the full skull. This sculpture is so enormous that you can easily stand inside of it for a great photo opportunity.

Artist Benji Daniels decided to create the Herd Bull project to tell the story of the American Indian people and their love of the buffalo. The bison is one of the most powerful symbols in Native American culture, and the massive sculpture makes a big statement about the passing of the buffalo. You’ll have the chance to meet with the artist and learn about his process of creating this sculpture, as he will be on site during the Sturgis Rally to meet guests and sign autographs.

In 1990 Daniels and fellow artist James J. Hancock completed the original Herd Bull iron sculpture, which has been on display on the front lawn of the Montana Historical Society since 1995. Daniels began making the bronze replicas in 2014, and the sculpture on site at the CrossRoads is one of only five in the world that exist.

Don’t miss out on your chance to experience a beautiful piece of Native American art and revel in the story of the American bison by visiting the Herd Bull. Find it on display next to the World’s Largest V-Twin Engine sculpture in front of the Big Engine Bar at the Buffalo Chip CrossRoads.

“I return each year, as we love to ride and hang out with our friends, and the CHIP makes it possible for everyone in our group to enjoy the ride. Bands and companionship all in one place. I am sure there are other places we could go, but the Chip allows something for everyone from the young to the old. CHIP-IT.” – Matt Hammonds