Buffalo Chip Pre-Rally Party Explodes through the Gates with Three Nights of Free Concerts on the Jägermeister Stage at the CrossRoads

Reset Your Sturgis Rally Countdown. The Party Starts July 24!

If you’ve heard it’s fashionable to arrive late to a party, what you’ve heard is DEAD WRONG. That’s because for the first time in history the Chip has added three more nights of legendary headliners to its 2015 concert lineup, and seeing them won’t cost you a single penny! That’s right, it’s free! 

The first-ever free Buffalo Chip Pre-Rally Party lets you and your friends blow through the gates of the CrossRoads at the Buffalo Chip® one full week before the festival’s official rally kickoff. Every night from July 24 though 26, you’ll have the chance to rock out to free concerts on the Jägermeister Stage from bands you’d never dream of being able to see without a cover charge! If you’re too busy during the rally or just prefer to stay away during that time, now’s your chance to throw a party with friends before the rally even hits.

The concerts are absolutely free with no strings attached, but if you want to take your free party to the next level you can! Outfit yourself with five free drinks, a spot in the crowd so close you’ll be able to count the beads of sweat on the performers’ faces, and the opportunity to meet the bands by reserving your VIP passes! You can also stay and party all night long, all weekend long, before, after and during the shows by reserving weekend camping passes at special low rates! For a limited time get one night for free when you reserve the weekend pass.

Lineup of Free Concerts July 24 – 26:

Pop Evil
Brace yourselves–Pop Evil will be slamming you back with a battering ram of rock ‘n’ roll. The Michigan five-piece is bringing its sinfully good stage performance to close out the first night of free Pre-Rally Party headlining Sturgis concerts following a performance from Red Sun Rising on Friday, July 24.

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Lola Black
You can try to remain calm when Lola Black’s mixture of punk, metal and a pinch of goth plunges the Jägermeister Stage into complete chaos July 25 and 26. But we’ll tell you right now that you’ll find the band’s intoxicating vibe and sultry lead singer irresistible. The Colorado sextet will leave you in a frenzy for the Scorpion Child performances that follow on July 25 and 26, and you won’t come down until well after ONE’s headlining performance on July 26.

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Red Sun Rising
Feel free to succumb to the power of rock when Red Sun Rising lights up the Jägermeister Stage Friday, July 24. The Ohio quintet’s grunge-influenced alternative rock kicks off the Chip’s series of totally free Pre-Rally Party Sturgis Concerts, getting you jacked up just in time for a performance from Pop Evil that follows it.

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The Chip has been leaving James Hetfield voicemails since 1991, but to no avail. Metallica has been one of the most requested Sturgis concerts of all time. But have no fear; all the Metallica songs you know and love are going to rip your face off and leave the layers of skin squirming around on the ground when ONE – The Only Tribute To Metallica hits the first ever Free Pre-Rally Party at the Chip July 26. If you are near the Jägermeister Stage on that day, then you will be the one for whom the bell tolls.

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Scorpion Child
Get ready to sink your teeth into hook after tasty hook coming from the Jägermeister Stage on July 25 and 26. Stoner rock band Scorpion Child will be bringing its bluesy swagger and bombastic rock blast to the CrossRoads as part of the first-ever Buffalo Chip Pre-Rally Party, delivering a sting that will stay with you throughout the entire Sturgis Rally.

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The Living Deads
It’s impossible not to have a good time when The Living Deads explode onto the stage at the Best Party Anywhere™. The band’s sexy swagger grabs your attention, and its greasy, energetic and sensual rockabilly punk sound keeps it! Sultry upright bass player Symphony Tidwell, dramatic drummer Randy McKnight and their undisclosed kidnapped guitarist will knock you out when the group performs during the Pre-Rally Party lineup.  

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More Bands Coming Soon!

Remember to get yourself five free drinks, a spot in the crowd so close you’ll be able to count the beads of sweat on the performers’ faces, and the opportunity to meet the bands by reserving your VIP passes! And pick up your camping pass so you can stay and party all night long, all weekend long, before, after and during the Pre-Rally Party shows with your friends without ever having to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Weekend camping passes are at special low rates where you get one night of camping free as part of the package!

So on July 24-26 will you be the life of the party at the Buffalo Chip’s series of free Pre-Rally Party concerts, or will you be a day late and a dollar short? Get your (p)asses to the Buffalo Chip Pre-Rally Party now!

“Huge shout out to the Buffalo Chip for the line up so far!! You guys are awesome!! For a few weeks we can all enjoy being free from all that life throws us. A big thank you from a big group in the Pacific Northwest!” – Julie Cathey