2019 Sturgis Buffalo Chip Concerts and Races

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Ready to have some fun at The Best Party Anywhere®?

Well, that’s what you’re going to get when you come to the Sturgis Buffalo Chip’s concerts and races during the 2020 Sturgis motorcycle rally.

2020 Bands & Entertainment Coming Soon!

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2019 Sturgis Buffalo Chip Lineup

Monday, July 29-Thursday, Aug. 1, 2019 – Bikini Beach Pre-Party with Big Skillet

If you’ve heard it’s fashionable to arrive late to a party, what you’ve heard is DEAD WRONG. The Buffalo Chip Bikini Beach Pre-Party lets you and your friends blow through the gates of the Buffalo Chip four whole days before the festival’s official rally kickoff date to nab your favorite camp spot, watch the festival spring to life and rock out to nightly concerts from Big Skillet on the Bikini Beach Stage!

Hank Rotten Jr. – Friday, Aug. 2 – Saturday, Aug. 10, 2019

Between the tall tales, tenacious personality and more than 1,000 appearances on the Buffalo Chip’s main stage, Hank Rotten Jr. has become a legend. After exploring careers, Rotten began performing and recording an edgy and, at times, downright uncomfortable, repertoire of raunchy tunes such as “Sleepin’ with my Butt to the Wall” and “Sheep Don’t Tell” with Allen Ross. Ross & Rotten made their way to Sturgis in 1988 to make their fortune with 300 copies of their cassette tape “Bowling Balls and Harleys.” They set up on a street corner and sold all 300 tapes at $5 a pop. Figuring they were on to something, they made their way to the Buffalo Chip where they began performing for the growing number of bikers making their way to the Largest Music Festival in Motorcycling®. He soon became known for his unique call of “The Legendary Buffaloooo Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiip!”

Skid Row –Friday, Aug. 2, 2019

Kick off your Sturgis rally vacation by banging your head to some totally bitchin’ old school hard rock from one of the most kickass bands to come out during the late 80’s– Skid Row! The New Jersey-based quintet will kick off the 2019 Best Party Anywhere® on Friday, Aug. 2, setting the tone for the Chip’s music and motorcycle festival.

The Flaunt Girls  –Friday, Aug. 2, 2019

Part dance, part cirque, and 100% tease–The Flaunt Girls performance before Skid Row will be one you’ll never forget with burlesque dancing, fire drumming and dazzling aerials. Strap yourself in as Mia Bigtease, Rosy Cheeks, Ana Malll and the rest of the Flaunt Girls explore your every Flauntasy on a naughty but nice ride through the Land of Flaunt.

Charlie Brechtel

“Good Time Charlie,” as fans know him, has become an important part of the Chip’s showcase experience! Charlie Brechtel’s music is in a bona fide tribute to the biker lifestyle. You’ll hear stories of pioneering bikers, vintage motorcycles and biker destinations like the Sturgis Rally told through his scorching blues originals; you might even hear the song he wrote specifically about the Chip!

Keith Urban –Saturday, Aug. 3, 2019

Party down with one of Nashville’s biggest artists of the last 20 years when country rock superstar Keith Urban hits the Sturgis Buffalo Chip for the first time ever. Urban’s explosive debut performance will light up the Wolfman Jack Stage on Saturday, Aug 3, 2019, bringing serious star power to the first weekend of the festival.

George Thorogood and The Destroyers –Saturday, Aug. 3, 2019

Boogie down to snarling slide guitars, ballsy, bluesy saxophone lines, thundering rock-solid rhythm and the Bad to the Bone bark of one of blues-rock’s biggest, baddest dogs. Legendary blues-rockers George Thorogood and the Destroyers are Movin’ On Over to the Wolfman Jack Stage prior to a performance from Keith Urban, and when they do, you’ll be feelin’ so nice, you’ll be lovey-dovey.

LoveSick Radio – Saturday, Aug. 3, 2019

Big guitars and big vocals with punk and blues-infused swagger kick off the party on the Wolfman Jack Stage Saturday, Aug. 3 when LoveSick Radio takes the Wolfman Jack Stage prior to Keith Urban and George Thorogood and The Destroyers. Catch an encore performance of the band’s unapologetic blue-collar rock n’ roll at midnight Saturday, Aug. 4 on the Bikini Beach Stage!

HUNKS: The Show –Saturday, Aug. 3, 2019

Ladies– prepare for a huge, hot and heavy entertainment experience at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip®. On Saturday, Aug. 3 before headlining performances from Keith Urban and George Thorogood & The Destroyers, you’ll want to head straight for the Kinison Stage in the amphitheater and strap yourselves in for the ride of your life. The no. 1 all male revue will be taking to the stage, and you’re going to want to be so close you can feel the sweat spray off their chiseled bods.s.

Godsmack –Sunday, Aug. 4, 2019

Brace yourself for the impact of one of the year’s most relentless concerts. Godsmack’s combination of hard-hitting alternative metal riffs, hypnotic melodies, and no-nonsense lyricism will shake you awake during their performance at the Buffalo Chip. The Boston hard rockers will shine down from the Wolfman Jack Stage after the Buffalo Chip TT American Flat Track Grand National Championship Races as part of the Chip’s annual Moto Stampede® event series.

American Flat Track Sturgis Buffalo Chip TT Presented by Indian Motorcycle –Sunday, Aug. 4, 2019

America’s original extreme sport is coming back this August to inject your party with a serious dose of adrenaline! The American Flat Track Series is returning to bring you and your friends the next level of racing on Sunday, Aug. 4 prior to an explosive headlining performance from Godsmack on the Buffalo Chip’s main stage.

Supersuckers –Sunday, Aug. 4, 2019

They may be trashy, they may be cheeky, but despite their name, this rockabilly garage punk band does NOT suck. Pack a clean pair of underwear because the Supersuckers’ over-the-top celebration of the evils of rock and roll at the CrossRoads during the Bell/Dualigans Party will rock your pants right off.

Styx –Monday, Aug. 5, 2019

Launch your party into overdrive with one of the most celebrated progressive rock bands of all time! These mind-blowing musicians will fill the air with their massive prog/arena rock sound on Monday, August 5, 2019, you’ll be having The Best of Times when they do!

Collective Soul –Monday, Aug. 5, 2019

Feel a wave of electric energy wash over you as Collective Soul brings its grinding guitars and catchy choruses to the Buffalo Chip’s 2019 Motorcycle and Music Festival. Don’t miss your chance to see the multi-platinum-selling quintet celebrate 25 years of success with an unforgettable performance prior to Styx.

Stone Senate –Monday, Aug. 5, 2019

Stone Senate is a five-piece contemporary southern rock band hailing from Nashville, TN. The band’s sound is infused with a multitude of genres ranging from country to funk, but beyond all their influences is a deep appreciation for classic southern rock bands like The Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Disturbed –Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2019

Sound the sirens and alert the guards. Things are about to get a little crazy– Windy City modern metal titans Disturbed blast their brand of hooky, heavy, haunting and hard-hitting rock from the Sturgis Buffalo Chip®’s Wolfman Jack Stage. When they do, you’ll have no choice but to give in and get down with the sickness.

Dee Snider –Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2019

Bust out the Aqua Net, eyeliner, hot pink lip stick, fishnet stockings and get ready to go hog wild because things are about to get more than a little twisted. Old school heavy metal icon Dee Snider and his trademark curly blonde mane will roar with the force of a hurricane from the Sturgis Buffalo Chip’s Wolfman Jack Stage on Tuesday, Aug. 6 prior to a headlining performance from Disturbed, and when he does, it’ll blow the hair back of everyone in his path.

Scattered Hamlet – Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2019

Grab the bull by the horns, hold on for dear life, and get ready to ride that cow into the ground. These hillbilly boys are kicking off one of the biggest nights of the rally with a honky tonk metal mixture that’s equal parts Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet with a dash of Motörhead and Down, all wrapped up in a fine shotgun shell casing. See them tear up the Wolfman Jack Stage Tuesday, Aug. 6, prior to Disturbed and Dee Snider.

HUNKS: The Show –Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2019

Ladies– If men in uniforms, cowboys, firemen, and guys who can move get your temperature rising, then head straight for the Flaunt Playground prior to that night’s headliners for an encore performance by The HUNKS on the Kinison Stage. Feast your eyes on some of the sexiest men alive as they sing, dance, and strip in choreographed routines to thumping beats and dazzling light shows.

Snoop Dogg –Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2019

Crank the bass and raise your pimp cup for a party unlike any that’s come to the Sturgis Buffalo Chip before. One of the most acclaimed and legendary rappers of all time, the Doggfather himself, Snoop D-o-double-g, Snoop Dogg will make his motorcycle rally debut at the Best Party Anywhere! He’s a visionary, a trailblazer and a certified party liaison with a 25-year-long pedigree of certified dance floor-rockin’, chart-topping hits. He’s never done things any other way than his own. And while he’s about done it all, he’s never seen anything quite like the Chip.

Theory of a Deadman –Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2019

Prepare for a rock, rap and racing extravaganza that’ll raise the dead! When you join the frenzied hordes of hard rock-addicted racing fanatics in a unified head-banging mass of unbridled energy, you’ll know it’s no theory that hard rock music and motorcycle racing go together better than whiskey and coke.

Toby Keith –Thursday, Aug. 8, 2019

Let freedom ring with a night of all-American anthems from one of country rock music’s most celebrated vocalists Thursday, Aug. 8, 2019! Toby Keith will be bringing a performance to the legendary Wolfman Jack Stage during Sturgis Buffalo Chip's® 28th annual Freedom Celebration that’ll make you raise your Red Solo Cup to the sky.

Pop Evil –Thursday, Aug. 8, 2019

Sound the alarms! You’re about to feel like waking up for a night of hard-hitting rock jams that’ll go off like a powder keg the second the first note cuts through the warm August air. Sturgis Buffalo Chip fan favorites Pop Evil will wake the lions of the Best Party Anywhere® on Thursday, Aug. 8, and the roar will be deafening.

Creed Fisher Band – Thursday, Aug. 8, 2019

Creed Fisher is an outlaw country artist from Austin, Texas whose music proudly carries on the tradition of the genre’s most celebrated artists. Echoes of Hank Williams Jr., Alan Jackson and Merle Haggard ring from Creed’s rebellious red dirt, blue-collar anthems that speak directly to the soul of the common workin’ man. Check out Creed’s midnight performance at Bikini Beach on Tuesday, Aug. 6, then watch him get the party started for Toby Keith and Pop Evil on Thursday, Aug. 8 on the Main Stage.

Volbeat – Friday, Aug. 9, 2019

Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies, prepare to Shake Some Dust and Let It Burn with one of hard rock’s most ass-kicking, fast-rising bands of the last decade. Danish metal sensations Volbeat will bring their blend of heavy metal, hard rock and rockabilly to the Sturgis Buffalo Chip® for the first time on Friday, Aug. 9, and when they do, you’ll feel the power of the Warrior’s Call.

Red Fang – Friday, Aug. 9, 2019

Sink your fangs into a potent concoction of retro metal-inspired riffs, progressive psychedelia and hooky melodic choruses. Portland, OR-based psych metal quartet Red Fang will crank the hypnotic sludgy vibes to eleven from the Wolfman Jack Stage on Friday, Aug. 9 prior to a headlining performance from Volbeat, and when they do you’ll want to tilt your head back and howl like a Prehistoric Dog.

The Heroine – Friday, Aug. 9, 2019

You really couldn’t get a better introduction to The Heroine than the band’s endorsement from Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe, who got right to the point saying, “This band is BAD ASS.” This five-piece rock juggernaut will tear through the Buffalo Chip like a Texas tornado, taking you on a wild ride that will assault all your senses prior to performances from Volbeat and Red Fang. Come back for more and see them close down the festival, playing the final midnight show at Bikini Beach on Saturday, Aug. 10.

Zakk Sabbath –Saturday, Aug. 10, 2019

Assemble your crew of head-banging hellions and get ready to thrust your metal horns into the sky! The heavy metal Viking Thunder God of mind-bending guitar shredding, Zakk Wylde, along with an all-star roster of metal musicians will be kicking out the sickest jams from the first six Black Sabbath albums under the moniker Zakk Sabbath! Zakk Sabbath’s epic performance will rip open a Hole in The Sky of the Wolfman Jack Stage during the final night of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip's® 2019 motorcycle and music festival.

Reverend Horton Heat –Saturday, Aug. 10, 2019

Anybody who’s ever been to the Sturgis Buffalo Chip’s music festival can attest to South Dakota’s toasty summer nights. On Aug. 10, it’ll go from balmy to straight-up incendiary when rockabilly legends Reverend Horton Heat burn up the Wolfman Jack Stage. The Dallas, Texas-based quartet will crank the heat on the final night of the Best Party Anywhere® prior to a headlining performance by Zakk Sabbath, and you’d better have your fire extinguisher handy when they do.

Wilson Brothers Band – Saturday, Aug. 10, 2019

An exciting blend of country music that honors the past while refusing to live in it will fill the air when the Wilson Brothers Band makes its Buffalo Chip debut on the final two days of the festival. This notable Nashville act led by brothers Chad and Kyle Wilson will warm things up on the Big Engine Bar Stage Friday, Aug. 9 before setting the Wolfman Jack Stage ablaze Saturday, Aug. 10 prior before performances from Zakk Sabbath and Reverend Horton Heat.

2019 Sturgis Buffalo Chip Showcase Stage Entertainers

BC & The Big Rig

Your faith in the hard-working American spirit will be renewed when you hear BC & The Big Rig blend country and rock elements with touches of folk storytelling during the Buffalo Chip’s music festival. With influences ranging from Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash to Black Crowes and Roger Clyne, this Tulsa-based group fits right in at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. See daily schedule for performance times.

Big Skillet

Bring your appetite, because Big Skillet is cookin’ up a crock full of concerts at the Chip that you’ll never be able to get enough of. Party down with great classic rock, R&B, blues, funk and modern country with this Missouri-based quartet. There will be plenty of chances to come back for seconds, so see the Buffalo Chip Daily Schedule to find out when and where you can get your fill. See daily schedule for performance times.

The Hawkeyes

Experience a unique blend of Heartland rock, Rustbelt grit and Americana soul that exhibits as much honesty as it does attitude. Don’t miss your chance to see this Pittsburg-based quartet bring their full-throated passionate sound and pure rock ‘n’ roll swagger to the Big Engine Bar Stage. See daily schedule for performance times.

Odd Fellas

Born out of the dust in Pampa, TX, OddFellas are a dirty blues rock band with a sound that infuses edgy, soulful roots melody with accompanying alternative rock accents. Since their formation in summer 2017, Oddfellas have played nonstop, they have been honing their sound, live performance, and have become a local favorite while branching out to new fans regionally. See daily schedule for performance times.

DJ Hulio

Bumpin’ beats, original remixes and masterful mashups of your favorite songs will have you dancing your asses off until the wee hours of the morning thanks to DJ Hulio. This mix masters will be keeping your party going nightly by performing high-octane live sets throughout the festival at Club Chip between and after shows on the main stage.

Buffalo Dreamers

When you’re at the Largest Music Festival in Motorcycling®, it’s not unusual to feel a rumble below your feet and have flashes of bold, beautiful color catch your eye. But during performances from the Buffalo Dreamers, the pounding drumbeat and passionate pageantry you’ll experience will be so mesmerizing, it might make you forget about motorcycles for a few minutes! This troupe, led by Chief Sitting Bull’s sixth generation grandson Jumping Buffalo, will captivating you with traditional Native American dances nightly on both the Wolfman Jack and Kinison Stages. See the Buffalo Chip Daily Schedule for performance times and locations.

See How the Sturgis Buffalo Chip Compares to the Others

Sometimes it’s good to have options. And as you can see below, only the original biker-dedicated destination that brought music and motorcycling together during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally gave you more options than anybody else in 2019.

See for yourself why it’s the best choice for your vacation!

Buffalo Chip®
The Other Guys
5 Stages of Entertainment X
Over 30 World-Class Bands & Entertainers including Keith Urban, Styx, Toby Keith, Godsmack & Zakk Sabbath X
Concerts Free with Camping
7 Days of Races X
Nationally Televised Championship AMA Flat Track Races X
6 Days of Free Bike Show Access X
Drag Racing in the Amphitheater X
World-Renowned Motorcycles As Art Exhibition X
5 Signature Black Hills Rides X
All Women’s Motorcycle Campout X
International Bikini Team Nightly Pageant X
Nightly Performances by The Flaunt Girls X
A Zip Line Over the Amphitheater X
Mind-Blowing Stunt Shows X
Buffalo Chip®
The Other Guys
Shaded Campsites
25+ Bars X
$1 Drafts & Dogs X
Air-Conditioned Steakhouse & Wine Bar X
Daily Rally Newspaper Delivered to Your Doorstep X
Motorcycle Retail & Mechanical Service Outlet X
Bikini Beach Swim Paradise with Rope Swing and Sun Decks X
24/7 Gas Station with 93-Octane Fuel Cheaper than In-Town Prices X
Free Fuel Happy Hours X
Free Daily Pancake Breakfasts X
Free Showers
Paved Roads
Buffalo Chip®

The Other Guys

Original Biker-Dedicated Entertainment Destination in Sturgis X
38 Years of Experience Throwing a Great Party X
“Best Outdoor Concert Venue in South Dakota” Award X
AMA Track of the Year Award X
American Flat Track “Event of the Year” Award X
Locally Owned, Family-Run Business X
Winner of the 2017 South Dakota Excellence in Tourism Innovation Award X
Longest-Running Women’s Ride in Sturgis X
27 Years of Directly Supporting Veterans and Veterans’ Organizations X

You can’t get more for less anywhere else in the world.