Media Credentials Selection Criteria – Please Read Thoroughly and Carefully

The Buffalo Chip appreciates media cooperation in keeping attending staff to the absolute minimum necessary to cover events. Only media outlets and photo agencies will be credentialed. The assigning editor must make requests for freelancers or non-staff employees on the credentials form.

Consideration for media credentials will be based upon a number of elements:

  1. Verifiable circulation, unique visitors, viewer or listenership statistics, demographic and geographic saturation, etc.
  2. The outlet’s demonstrated willingness to abide by established rules during previous years
  3. The extent of previous coverage specific to the Sturgis Buffalo Chip during the rally
  4. The extent of previous coverage of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip leading up to and following the rally
  5. For outlets requesting credentials for the first time, the extent of previous coverage of other similar events and venues


Items 3 and 4 will be determined subjectively based on clippings, transcripts and video or audiotapes you have provided to the Buffalo Chip. All media that have covered the Sturgis Buffalo Chip activities received with their credentials our instructions to send us copies of their coverage via link, email or postal mail. If we did not receive your materials, please submit immediately for consideration during the credential process.

Credential applications are evaluated each year. Being credentialed in the past does not guarantee you will be credentialed again. We will to accommodate as many media outlets as possible.

Your valid ID and business card will need to be presented in order to pick up your credential onsite.

Thank you for your interest in covering Sturgis Buffalo Chip activities.

Media Credentials Application

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