Big Daddy Rat will be Back for 2011

The Rat’s Hole Custom Bike Show brought more than the Big Daddy Rat to the Buffalo Chip for all to see. They rounded up the best of the world and put them all on display, making Sturgis Buffalo Chip the biggest stage in motorcycling. The one day show brought together a crew of international judges and builders; one group vying for the titles the other looking to find a bike with personality, function and a progressive sense of motorcycle culture.

Not one rally goer who came to the Chip on Thursday August 12 missed the show as it took a commanding presence from Custom Cove all the way to Miss Chippie. With judging categories from Stock to Super Radical, show goers got an up-close-and-personal taste of rolling art. Some builders were working under their shop name and others entered the bikes they rode out to Sturgis. The newest class in the show featured the Baggers. Custom cruisers have gained their place in the show bringing a sense of creative comfort.

Ted’s enthusiasm for the tradition of the Custom Show is apparent in everything he does. “There is a reason for everyone who likes motorcycles to get involved with the [Rat’s Hole] Show. You just don’t get these kinds of bikes showing up at other shows and you certainly don’t get these kinds of hardcore fans.” The fans likened the Sturgis Rats Hole Show to the Grammys, as it comes around once a year and it recognizes the best of the best.

The show kicked off with nearly 100 motorcycles ready for their up-close and personal review in the Buffalo Chip amphitheatre. Woody broke away from business to take a look around. “I didn’t mind putting a few things on hold and giving up some of my afternoon to see the bikes,” he said with a grin. “I just think motorcycles look better when they’re at the Chip.”

Woody was also a part of the Sturgis Best of Show presentation that fired up the crowd before Jason Aldean and Ozzy Osborne took the stage. This kind of trophy presentation was a first for the 21st Annual Sturgis Rally show. The bike by Chopper Kulture was featured on the biggest stage in motorcycling and Mario, the bike’s master mind, found himself in front of thousands holding the prestigious ‘Big Daddy Rat’ Trophy.

The 2011 Rat’s Hole Custom Bike Show is headed back to the Buffalo Chip to help celebrate the Chip’s 30th Anniversary. Entry details and show hours are being released soon so keep checking for all the information.

Check out the show ‘in pictures’ here

Video Recap here

Congratulations to these 2010 Rat’s Hole Custom Bike Show Class Winners

OVER 1000cc STOCK – Sponsored by Custom World
3rd Place – Doug Wood – Everett, WA
2nd Place – Marwan Mansour – North Port, NY
1st Place – Garry Kriz – Minneapolis, MN

OVER 1000cc CUSTOM – Sponsored by Cimo & Cimo Inc.
3rd Place – – Zurich, Switzerland
2nd Place – Dan Dabney – Roy, UT
1st Place – Bob Wyman – Bowie, MD

OVER 1000cc RADICAL – Sponsored by Custom World
3rd Place – Sam Baldi – Cherry Valley, CA
2nd Place – A T American Cycles –Neuffen, Germany
1st Place – Bugs Custom – Irsingen, Germany

Over 1000cc SUPER RADICAL – Sponsored by Ride Now Magazine
3rd Place – Hugh Whitsit – Setauket, NY
2nd Place – Waco Wilson – Montrose, CO
1st Place – Troy Kyne – Greeley, Co

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