Flyin’ & Ridin’ Duo take their Act to New Levels

When arrive at the gates for the 2010 edition of the Best Party Anywhere. We encourage you to take a few minutes to look around the best place to enjoy Sturgis. We think you’ll notice a few great additions to the place. Among the greatest performers, the hottest bartenders and the best campers around, you’re getting a high flyin’ motorcycle riding breathtaking performance.

Circus Una is coming to town. Una Mimnagh of Circus Una Productions is an aerialist who takes performing to a whole new level with her Motorcycle Thrill Show. The all female daredevil duo are set to soar through the Sturgis air with the greatest of ease with a motorcycle, a dangling dancer and rider impossibly balanced on a thin wire! This act is not only creative and thrilling, but also LOUD enough to attract anyone within an earshot. Circus Una fills the sky during her night performance with spectacular maneuvers and beaming lights. Special for the 2010 Sturgis rally, Una has been practicing new routines just for the Buffalo Chip campers!

Una has been an aerialist since 1997 and has thrilled audiences all over America, Europe, and the Middle East in circuses, theatres, nightclubs, and on television with her powerful aerial performances. Una is accomplished in several aerial disciplines such as Corde Lisse, Lyra, Trapeze, Spanish Web, Cloud Swing, and Silks. Una’s creative approach and exciting aerial work makes her a welcomed addition to the Buffalo Chip experience.

Una first got started working as a spotlight operator for a circus in New York, but what was supposed to be just a summer job turned out to be the rest of her life. Her work as a rigger/electrician for several years until she put together her first trapeze act and began performing. Una likes heights, she is physically strong and flexible, she finds it a joy to move in the air. Una tries to work as much as she can, doing several shows a day for most of the weeks out of the year, and also teaches trapeze and silks in New York during the winter so she is always in and around aerial equipment.

This show takes two to complete and since Una is your aerialist, the lady high above her on the wire is Sara. This team of hard working women has awed audiences around the globe in a variety of different venues. The outdoor amphitheater at the Buffalo Chip, with thousands of concert goers below, will be a highlight of the summer tour. Una is thrilled to be performing for so many people at the Legendary Buffalo Chip.

“This is my third summer working bike rallies and bikers make great audiences. They are there to have fun and they appreciate hard work.” This show in particular is going to be higher, the cable is going to be a few hundred feet longer, and with the finale involving a 360 revolve around the wire, you definitely don’t want to miss it! You can see her show five times a day during the Sturgis rally but only at the Buffalo Chip. In the words of Una Mimnagh herself, “Our Motorcycle Thrill Show is going to blow your mind!”

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