Moto X icons ‘jump’ into Legends Ride

When they aren’t out breaking world records, Supercross legends Derrick McClintock and Trigger Gumm are giving to charity with occasions like the 4th annual Legends Ride that is sponsored by the Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground.

The rally isn’t all about parties, babes, and booze…no, it is also does its part to give back to the Black Hills Community. 100 percent of riders’ contributions will benefit local charities. In the first three years, the Legends Ride has raised over $150,000 for local charities like the Sky Ranch for Boys and Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame.

That’s why it is important to have such big-named superstars like Gumm and McClintock along for the ride. Trigger Gumm has held Guinness Book World Records five times for longest distance jump. He last held the distance record in 2005 when he flew his 500 cc Honda 277.5 feet. Clearing an 80-foot vertical, he also held the record for height. Gumm is attracted to the risk, excitement, and wild times for which Moto X (and the Chip) is notorious for. A Pro Rider for life, Gumm has a man of steel status and will jump over anything, with the hospital records to prove it.

At 3-years-old McClintock was riding and at 16 he turned pro. He started riding motocross but fell in love with Freestyle Moto X. It has been childhood hero Gumm who has inspired him to start distance jumping and completed his first distance jump with Trigger in Omaha, Nebraska on August, 2010.With each show, McClintock dedicates his riding to show everyone that despite difficult times you can still make your dreams come true and that’s exactly what Gumm and McClintock will set out to do with this year’s Legends Ride.

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