Rat’s Hole Half Price Beer

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Pre-order this limited edition souvenir collector mug for only $10. The Rat’s Hole will have its trailer set up for the entire Rally and the Legendary Buffalo Chip will place a beer bar nearby where really smart beer-drinkers will refill this mug for a mere $6 for the entire 2010 Sturgis Rally.
This mug is double-wall insulated and will keep its 34 ounces of beer cold for a very long time. You will not need to leave your concert space to go get another beer, you’ll have a cool mug that’ll last years and you’ll save a lot of beer money.
This special $10 price is available only online. Order now. You’ll receive a special token when you register upon arrival. Then you can go to the Rat’s Hole Bar and pick up your mug already filled with beer. Then you can refill it for about half price for the rest of the Rally. While quantities last – order now and let’s get this party started!


2024 Sturgis Buffalo Chip

Pre-Rally Party Jul. 29–Aug. 1
Concerts Aug. 2–Aug. 11

2025 Sturgis Buffalo Chip

Pre-Rally Party Jul. 28–Jul. 31
Concerts Aug. 1–Aug. 10

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