Showcase Artist Spotlight: Dog Leg Preacher

Traveling to Sturgis, SD from Seattle, WA, Dog Leg Preacher promises to rock Legendary Buffalo Chip fans hard in 2011 at the Kinison Showcase Stage. Their newest disc “Abscess,” featured in many magazines and publications across the US and Europe, has been receiving radio airplay worldwide. Check out this large caliber, high octane show. Check out their Showcase Spotlight Video. Power up your party with Dog Leg Preacher this year at the Best Party Anywhere


Dog Leg Preacher was initially founded as an independent recording project, however the success of the first album #1 released in 2001, gained worldwide recognition and airplay, and was the motivation for singer Joe Kurke, and drummer Jon Fosdick to proceed with the project.
Dog Leg Preacher has also released an hour long rockumentary movie documenting the bands road trip and performances at the Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground in Sturgis South Dakota.
For those who like scorching lead guitars, thunderous bass, pounding drums, and over the top vocals, Dog Leg Preacher will deliver to Legendary Buffalo Chip audiences during the Sturgis motorcycle rally in 2011.
Links: Spotlight Video

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