The Chip Goes Mobile

Just because you drive around with bugs in your teeth doesn’t mean you can’t be a high-tech biker!

You know you’re Jonesin for news about the next Sturgis get-together, and the Buffalo Chip Campground is the #1 source for news, music and beer!

Geeks ride bikes too, you know, and we’ve snagged a couple of them to do some great things for our new .mobi web site. Make sure to check out your mobile browser at ” ”

The News, All the News, and Nothing But the News

As we ramp up for the best bike festival in the world, things are heating up fast. New acts, new schedules, new promotions and more. If you’re tired of finding out what’s going on after it’s happened, you need to plug into our RSS feed for 24/7 access. Just click on the RSS link here and start getting a tasty meal of the latest soon-to-be-happenings at the Buffalo Chip!

Or if RSS is a bit to edgy for you, grab an email subscription here, or subscribe to our news SMS service and we’ll send updates straight to your cell phone.

Want a chance to win $20 in beer or anything else we sell at our watering holes or General Store? Then grab that SMS between now and May 14th and we’ll enter you in our $20 giveaway contest.


2024 Sturgis Buffalo Chip

Pre-Rally Party Jul. 29–Aug. 1
Rally Aug. 2–Aug. 11

2025 Sturgis Buffalo Chip

Pre-Rally Party Jul. 28–Jul. 31
Rally Aug. 1–Aug. 10

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