CAMP ZERO is the launch site for raising hell and rallying like the old days—a place where you can party like it’s 1981 with other cheapskates who love rad bikes, dirtbag friends and wild parties during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Some of the best races during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally are the ones that aren’t planned.

If you’re down with a little dirt and debauchery, you’re invited. (GRUMPY OLD BIKERS WHO ARE AFRAID OF FUN NEED NOT APPLY.)

No fun allowed during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally at CAMP ZERO


With friends, an on-site bar and free showers, you’ll have everything you need to party, rinse and repeat, with none of that fancy red carpet stuff you gotta pay more for somewhere else.

If you want music in camp, bring your own instruments cause nobody’s getting paid to play.

Wanna watch a race? Better pair up some friends.

Feel like a beer in the 75-year old barn? OK.

Authentic tipi camping outside CAMP ZERO’s 75-year old barn

If you wanna catch free concerts, bike shows and contests, or swill on an endless supply of dirt-cheap drinks, you can always head up right the street to the CrossRoads at the Buffalo Chip.

See more about the CrossRoads in the Free Events Section below.


There’s plenty of space if you want to crash in a tent, van or camper. If you don’t have room on the back of the bike for a tent, you can sleep in the dirt like an animal OR rent an authentic, no-frills tipi with room for you and up to five of your friends, or more if you don’t care how many pile up on your floor.

Authentic tipi camping during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.


Forget everything you think you know about the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and start from ZERO. Reinvent this true low-life moto-celebration for yourself by reserving your spot at CAMP ZERO.

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Two dudes keep Sturgis weird at CAMP ZERO.

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You got nothin to lose and nothing to prove. Find out where the barn banger will take you at CAMP ZERO.

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CAMP ZERO is located across Alkali Road from the Buffalo Chip Campground next to the Chip’s PowerSports Complex.

Sturgis Buffalo Chip CAMP ZERO Map



No Buffalo Chip Campground pass required, just a CAMP ZERO pass.

Do It Wrong. Keep Sturgis Weird.

Stay for a stint. Or stay for 10.

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Camp zero EVENTs

Go Fast Don’t Die are hosting Anarchy Camp Throttle Thrash 0.1 (Zero p0int 1) on Tuesday, Aug. 7 right on site at #CampZero.

The plan is loose. Show up on a bike. Roll a keg, race slow, twist off the line, barrel race, sit on a tire and hold on tight. Sound like absolutely no fun? Then don’t show. Or do, and get down while the OddFellas play some dirty tunes out in the field.

Think mini bikes are fun? Get with the nutsos putting on the 100-mile Gambler 500 Mini Bike Enduro Race on Monday, Aug. 6.

If you’ve got a mini bike, and not afraid to jostle your cojonés around until they’re begging you for mercy, join the race for free. If you’d rather watch someone else swell up their huevos, watch for free instead.


Just up the road at the Buffalo Chip CrossRoads, you’ll find a ton of cool shit to do and see all week long that won’t cost you a dime.

Get in on the free FXR Show & Dyna Mixer and free Bell Brawl Big Twin stunt shows. Maybe you’ll find the part you’ve been looking to score at the Buffalo Chip Garage while you’re there.

The FXR Show & Dyna Mixer held Sunday, Aug. 5 at the Buffalo Chip CrossRoads

There’s also a whole laundry list of killer bands playing free music every day throughout the week. And with 2 buck beers and 3 buck wells at the Big Engine Bar, you don’t have to be shy about rockin’ and rollin’ right along with them.


Buffalo Chip East Gate

There’s also a couple of cool events you can check out for free ninety free by hopping right across Alkali Rd to the Buffalo Chip, near the East Gate. The 2018 Motorcycles As Art Exhibit, Passion Built, curated by Michael Lichter, will be droppin’ jaws Aug. 4-10 at the Buffalo Chip Event Center.

The Motorcycles As Art Exhibit is worth drooling on yourself over at the Buffalo Chip during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

You can also check out some of the rally’s coolest choppers, trackers, vintage rides and café sportsters at the Buffalo Chip Gardens during the Sportster Showdown on Aug. 7 before heading back to Camp Zero for the Sportster Showdown After Party at the Anarchy Camp Throttle Thrash Presented by Go Fast Don’t Die.

The Sportster Show Down showcases some of the coolest rides of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally at the Buffalo Chip Gardens, Tuesday, Aug. 7.


If you’re staying at CAMP ZERO, consider yourself part of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip family.

The Chip is the original biker-dedicated destination that brought together music and motorcycling during the rally. Since 1981, riders from around the world have flocked to this mecca of motorcycles, music, freedom and friendship.

The Sturgis Buffalo Chip is the original biker-dedicated destination that brought together music and motorcycles during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.


Itchin’ to check out some of the bigger events like the Buffalo Chip TT American Flat Track Races, Hooligan races, or Street Drags? Or concerts like the original biker band John Kay & Steppenwolf, new school shit kicker Yelawolf? Or anything else happening in the Buffalo Chip amphitheater for that matter?

Yelawolf hits the Sturgis Buffalo Chip stage Friday, Aug. 10

Hop across the street and pick up a day pass. Then stumble back to finish out the festivities or pass out at CAMP ZERO.

Thrills come cheap at Sturgis Buffalo Chip CAMP ZERO.

Let’s ride, boogie, PARTY, Get Down and Dirty.


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