Seattle Cossacks Motorcycle Stunt & Drill Team Take Free Events to New Heights

Witness Incredible Acrobatic Feats During Motorcycle Stunt Shows at the CrossRoads!

Look! It’s a bird…It’s a plane…No! It’s the motorcycle acrobats the Seattle Cossacks! 

Few experiences in the world could be more authentic for a 76-year-old motorcycle rally than one where you can witness amazing feats performed on 75- to 85-year-old vintage bikes. This year at the Big Engine Bar at the Buffalo Chip CrossRoads you’ll get just that! For FREE.

Watch and wonder in fascination, “Just how do they do it?” as the Seattle Cossacks glide past you with seemingly effortless feats of acrobatic agility during the 2016 Sturgis Rally. There are no ropes, no props, no skyhooks and no gimmicks; the secret behind this world-renowned group’s outrageous performances is simply skilled riding and lots of practice. The Seattle Cossacks will be making multiple daily performances outside the Big Engine Bar at the Buffalo Chip’s free access CrossRoads destination Tuesday, Aug. 9 through Thursday, Aug. 11, and witnessing their precarious motorcycle stunts is simply an opportunity you can’t miss.

Who: YOU!
What: Amazing Acrobatic Feats performed on vintage Harleys
When: Tuesday, Aug. 9 – Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016 (See Chip Daily Schedule for performance times)
Where: Big Engine Bar at the Buffalo Chip CrossRoads
Why: To have your mind blown!

Named after Russian cavalry members known for their masterful horsemanship, the Seattle Cossacks’ skilled “Iron Horse” riders have become known the world over for entertaining and promoting the positive image of motorcycling through their performances. The origins of the Seattle Cossacks date further back than the Sturgis Rally itself, and the members still perform on Harleys from the era—the oldest of which is a 1930 VL. These vintage Harleys of the 1930s and ‘40s provide a foundation that is sturdy and stable enough to bear the weight of multiple riders.

In addition to the perching atop one another in perilous formations, each evening the Seattle Cossacks will revive one the earliest stunts of the Sturgis Rally—Pappy Hoel’s burning wall crash.

Don’t miss your chance to see this group of motorcycle daredevils tempt fate just for the thrill of it Tuesday, Aug. 9 through Thursday Aug. 11 at the Buffalo Chip CrossRoads. Check out the Chip Daily Schedule for performance times and be sure make time in your schedule to see the Seattle Cossacks during the Sturgis Rally!

Would you have the guts to attempt acrobatics like this on your bike? Tell us in the comments below!