Buckcherry Interview

By Rea McLean

Saturday morning Keith Nelson from Buckcherry took the time to chat with me to discuss why his upcoming show at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip will be so unique and other things have been going on in his life. Being a long time Buckcherry fan myself it was quite a treat to have a chance to talk with him. 

Q: You released your 6th album, Confessions, earlier this year, but still chose to play the album 15 for this year’s show. Tell us how you chose this album to be the one to be played.

A: We have played at The Chip for a number of years and we wanted to do something unique this year so we chose to play the album 15 front to back. We’ve never done this before and probably won’t do it again, it’s a unique opportunity and may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to see. 

Q: This will be your 6th time playing at the Buffalo Chip which is great! What specifically are you looking forward to about performing there this year?

A: The crowd! It’s like nothing else, they are so energetic and with the revving of the motorcycles, it’s quite a party.  The crowd really makes the experience at the Chip. Plus we’re really looking forward to playing with The Cult. We have so much respect for them, it’s really going to be a great night with two incredible rock and roll bands. 

Q: Do you remember your first experience playing at the Chip, what was that like and what was special about it?

A: I remember that it was dark when you looked into the crow and you could hear revving motorcycles and it took a few moments to realize what it was, the energy is great. There’s nothing like it. 

Q: What do you guys really like about playing at the Chip?
A: The people and the bike, the culture.  But there are lots of memories there and it’s always a good time. We usually meet up with friends from all over and having a pow wow backstage.

Q: I understand some of you guys ride, have you had a chance to ride in Sturgis during the rally or to participate in any events while up there?

A: A Few of the guys ride. We haven’t ridden during the rally but one year we went in early and stayed with friends and did a little riding, it’s great riding there. Usually we’re back to back booked with shows, we may be a 1000 miles away the night  before, wish we had more time, we’d do more if we could.

Q: How would you describe the Chip as a venue?

A: Sturgis is the Chip. The crowds are incredible, it’s quite an experience. So fun every year!

Q: I understand your tattoo artist had a pretty big impact on you guys and helping to get you guys introduced. Have tattoos always been a big part of your life?

A: Yeah he was! Kevin Quinn at the sunset strip shop on sunset knew I was looking for a band and that Josh had just gotten out of a band so he made the introduction. We’ve been Friends for 17 years now which is a long time in Hollywood!

Q: What was your first tattoo?

A: Right after I graduated high school I went to the jersey shore as soon as I could get out of the house, in Elizabeth NJ, I went and got my first tattoo which was an eagle on my shoulder.  Tattoos meant something different back then, it meant you weren’t going to have a normal job so a decision was made to take a different route when I got that tattoo.

Q: Other than your upcoming shows, what are you guys working these days?

A: We’ve done 186 shows since we finished recording our latest record and we’re booked through the end of the year. We’re off to Europe this fall then South America and Australia, just nonstop touring and already booking shows for January and February. 

Q: After traveling all over the world to different cultures to play, what can you say about the Chip, is it unique?

A: The Buffalo chip is its own planet it’s a different culture and that’s why it’s great.

Q: So I understand video has been an important part of this new album release, more so than with past albums, tell me about that.

A: There’s a story behind it, josh wrote a screen play and we wanted to do short film. We’re looking for funding right now which is easier said than done, but we’re hopeful we’ll be able to do it. Other bands have been into making films, but this is something different for us and we’re excited about it.  

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