Special guest Boneham to ‘Survive’ Rally at Chip

Survivior’s superstar, Rupert Boneham, will be ridin’n’rollin at the Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground during the 71st annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally by attending Kids and Chrome Sunday Aug. 7, the Legends Ride Monday Aug. 8, Biker Belles Wednesday Aug. 10, and the Victory Ride on Thursday Aug. 11.

Boneham was catapulted to stardom when he first appeared on the hit series Survivor: Pear Islands in 2003. He also appeared on the All Stars and Heroes vs. Villains seasons of Survivor.

Recognized and loved by his signature burly beard and tie-dye shirt, Boneham quickly became America’s favorite contestant. How do we know this? Because when the show’s producer, Mark Burnett, announced that the American public would choose the most popular Survivor: All Star player and reward an additional contestant with a million-dollar prize, Boneham won 85 percent of the 38 million votes!

In 1983, Boneham worked with mentally disabled children and then in 1991, he purchased an abandoned house and converted it into a vocational training center for young adults who had been expelled from school.

With a personality as dazzling as his signature shirt combined with a heart of gold it’s no secret why Rupert has had so much success. Combine that with a promise to donate some of his winnings to further his efforts to help others and you get “Rupert’s Kids,” a charity mentoring “at-risk” teens, with a mission to empower youth to discover their inner strengths and realize their own self-worth by teaching them valuable skills, trades, and promoting a good education.

His high energy and motivation creates an atmosphere that anybody would enjoy so it’s certain that the Chip is his kind of place and we are ecstatic to have him. Additional information can always be found online at www.buffalochip.com or by calling call 605-347-9000 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. (MST) Monday through Friday.

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