Famous Sturgis Events Make Your Chip Experience Unforgettable


Famous Events Make Your Sturgis Rally Experience Unforgettable

Make Amazing Memories and Laugh Until It Hurts during these Wacky Sturgis Events

Air Sex Championships
Are you a master of pelvic storytelling? Do you have a whole lotta motion in your ocean? If you’re an expert at making love to nobody in particular, then you’d make a serious contender in the Air Sex World Championships. If you’re not an air Casanova, you can laugh yourself silly watching people do the dirtiest and most ridiculous stuff you’ve ever seen anyone do to the air.

WTF is this all about?! I gotta find out more!


Midget Bowling
No trip to the Chip is complete unless you’ve gotten your hands on the lubed up midget in the Buffalo Chip amphitheater. Short Sleeve Sampson will show you that when it comes to having a good time in Sturgis, size really does matter. And by that we mean, the shorter the better! 

I want to find out how I can bowl a midget!



Midnight Endurance Ride
This nearly secret event is left for you to discover what and where it is… 


Homemade Bikini Contest
How do you feel about duct tape, bandanas, bubble wrap, and party beads on babes? Would you like to put your creativity to the test and strut all over the stage like some alpha chick? Well, here’s a daily contest at Bikini Beach that forces you to pull something mysterious out of a box and make something deeeeelightful to wear.

I gotta learn more about this contest…


“I have never seen a party as crazy as the Buffalo Chip! It's a blast!” – Chelsea Rose

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