RATT – Back and Better Than Ever!

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What do you get when you fuse the influences of hard rock and glam rock with heavy metal? You get RATT, the glam rock band that found sweet success during the 80’s. If you’re planning to visit the Buffalo Chip Campground during the 2007 Sturgis Rally come see RATT perform live Sunday August 5th.

RATT performs in between two other Buffalo Chip favorites, Captain Jack at 7:00 pm and the band, POISON, scheduled to perform at 10:30pm. The appearance of RATT and POISON at the Buffalo Chip Campground is near the end of a jam-packed 2007 touring season during which RATT and POISON pair up onstage for the first time since 1999.

With a line up like this, the Wolfman Jack Memorial Stage at Buffalo Chip is definitely THE place to be Sunday night!

RATT Tours with POISON

For 2 ½ months this summer you’ll find the duo criss-crossing the country where they’ll perform at smaller venues and local festivals in 40+ cities from Birmingham to Virginia Beach, Phoenix to Grand Prairie, Silverton and all the way back to their roots, to San Diego.

Founding member and lead vocalist Stephan Pearcy is back and he’ll be joined onstage by Warren DiMartini on guitar, Bobby Blotzer on drums, Robbie Crane on bass and John Corabi on guitar. Together they’ll be bringing back many of the favorites that helped propel RATT to stardom during the 80’s including “Round and Round,” “I’m Insane,” “Back for More,” “You’re In Love,” “Lay it Down,” “Way Cool Jr.” and “I Want a Woman.”

Those are the songs from RATT’s heyday, back during the 80’s when they released albums the likes of Invasion of Your Privacy – the cover of which sparked a controversy over voyeurism, Dancing Undercover, Reach for the Sky, Detonator and of course, compilations of favorites.

The band’s success was strong and lasted that entire decade. Soon though, the popularity of RATT and the other glam bands of the day began to wane as alternative rock became the new trend during the 90’s.

Thus began a decade of change for RATT as members broke away to pursue other passions then attempted a reunion at the end of several tumultuous years. They ended the 90’s with the release of RATT, a self-titled album that, much to their surprise, fans didn’t really appreciate.

Fans didn’t like that their newest songs had taken on a more serious blues rock style. Turbulence within the band ensued again yet amazingly, even amongst the problems, RATT decided to reunite again just last year. And we love it!

It doesn’t matter that band members have come and gone throughout the band’s 20+ year history, including former guitarist Robbin Crosby who is forever gone. We’re okay with that because RATT’s music remains an all-time favorite!

Get your tickets now and witness history in the making as RATT performs along with POISON and Buffalo Chip’s own Captain Jack!

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