Sturgis Buffalo Chip® Family and Crew

Spend time at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip, and you’ll find that the people you meet don’t just become your friends, they become family you can’t wait to reunite with every year.

The feeling begins with Buffalo Chip founder Rod “Woody” Woodruff. After establishing the Chip back in 1981, Woody sought the help of his family to grow the business. When he needed more help, he continued to treat each new employee like they were family, too.

Throughout the years, Woody has extended the same warm welcome to everyone who comes to the Chip, whether you’re an employee, business partner or guest. In doing so, he has grown the party into the largest and longest-running family-owned-and-operated operated music festival in the world.

Rod "Woody" Woodruff
President and CEO

Carol Woodruff
CFO/Box Office

Daymon Woodruff
Executive Vice President

Toni Woodruff
Vending and Biker Belles Director

Robert Pandya

Steve Owen
Main Stage & Facilities Director

James Walczak
Operations Director

Mike Kilmer
Technology and IT Director

Shirley Wetz
Customer Service Manager

Kathy Ruff

Brad Schneck
Multimedia Director

Mary Panerio
Marketing and Showcase Stage Director

Cody Ertman
Media & Public Relations

Brianna Weber
Graphic Design and Multi-Media

Kris Sammons
Assistant-Commercial Strategy and Alliances

Bill Reichert
Grounds Crew

Ozzie Slusser
Grounds Crew

Meri Remick
Bar Director

David Kezar
Bar Manager

Bonnie London
Fenske Park Manager

Sharon Ell
Catering Manager

Jay Russell
Sanitary Facilities Manager

Greg Smith
Sales & Freedom Celebration

Marilyn Stemp
Bike Shows & Industry Consultant

Want to join the Sturgis Buffalo Chip family? You can! The Chip is always seeking fun, talented and hard-working folks to be part of the team. Check out available positions and fill out an application here.

Sturgis Buffalo Chip founder Rod Woodruff and son Daymon in 1979