Pee-wee Herman Embarks on a BIG NEW ADVENTURE at the Legendary Buffalo Chip

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Legendary Buffalo Chip, S.D. (May 16, 2010) This past winter in Los Angeles, Pee-wee Herman came back to life with a stunning new production of The Pee-wee Herman Show that met with rave reviews by critics and fans of all ages. Now, Pee-wee and many of the original Playhouse gang are getting ready to hit The Great White Way this fall bringing the hit show to Broadway at The Stephen Sondheim Theatre for a ten week run beginning October 26, 2010. And, with new movies in the works and a brand new role in the SMURFS- it’s no wonder Pee-wee has decided to first have some fun in Sturgis at The Legendary Buffalo Chip.

Pee-wee’s visit on August 8th & 9th will officially kick off The Chip’s festivities during the 70th Annual Sturgis Rally in South Dakota where estimated attendance is over 650,000 riders. Rod Woody Woodruff, owner of the Legendary Buffalo Chip, just can’t stop smiling at the prospect. When I heard Pee-wee loves bikers and wants to join our party, I got so excited- the laughter had tears running down my face! I loved Pee-wee’s Big Adventure and that classic scene at the biker bar, and I’m still laughing at Pee-wee trying to ride that bike into the sunset. I just knew instantly that having Pee-wee at a real biker party presented a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many of the hundreds of thousands of riders who will pass through the gates of The Buffalo Chip this summer.

Pee-wee is pretty excited too. “Before I made Big Adventure I didn’t know much about bikers. During the filming of that movie I realized that bike enthusiasts are freedom-loving Americans with hearts of gold– and sometimes a lot of tattoos and leather! I am really excited about going to Sturgis and making lots of new friends at The Buffalo Chip. I mean, The LEGENDARY Buffalo Chip.”

Pee-wee’s not attending just for the party, however. He has generously offered to hang out with his fans, sign autographs and help raise money for various charities in South Dakota: The Black Hills Childrens Home Society, Kids & Chrome Foundation, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame. When Pee-wee first arrives at The Chip, he will be presented with a NEW RIDE at the Kids & Chrome Reception. From there, Pee-wee will use his new bicycle to Captain the Chips Annual star-studded Legends Charity Ride from Deadwood to The Buffalo Chip. Woodruff said Pee-wee won’t be arriving alone, but will be accompanied by a television crew to record and post some of the spontaneous hilarity that will ensue while having Pee-wee at the Best Party Anywhere. Woodruff said Pee-wee has asked the Chips campers to participate in Pee-wee’s New Big Adventure at the Legendary Buffalo Chip, which Woodruff believes this should be a lot of fun for the Chip’s campers.

Those real biker men and women over the age of 21 who would like to be recorded with Pee-wee during his stay at the Buffalo Chip may apply online at Woodruff said pre-qualified applicants will be selected and notified to appear for a final audition at the Chip where Pee-wee Herman will hand pick the lucky winners himself!

Woodruff also recommended that all Sturgis Rally goers bring their dancing shoes because he’s pretty sure that the Pee-wee’s visit is destined for the Guinness Book of World Records. With a sly smile Woodruff commented I can’t reveal more than that right now, but stay tuned to in the days and weeks ahead for several more announcements surrounding Pee-wee’s New Big Adventure at the Legendary Buffalo Chip. This will be one of the most memorable Sturgis Rallies in history!

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