The Buffalo Chip is proud to present the Third Annual Tattoo Café at this year’s 2013 Sturgis Rally.

With the combined efforts of Buffalo Chip owner Rod “Woody” Woodruff, marketing director Greg Smith and the world famous Tattoo Artist Shaun Kama of Halloween Tattoos, the Tattoo Café promises to explode with the same excitement you have come to expect from the Chip.
The Tattoo Café will be featuring eight world class Tattoo Artist and one professional piercer.  Promoter Shaun Kama is established as not only one of the top Tattoo Artist in the country, but is also an accomplished painter and well known lead in the band “Shaun Kama and the Kings of the Wild Frontier”.

With over 15 years in the entertainment and art industry, Shaun is proud to call the Buffalo Chip his home during the Sturgis rally.

This year, the Tattoo Café will be located at the apex of the round concert arena of the Buffalo Chip.  The Tattoo Café has been designed to provide the safest and most sterile tattoo location in Sturgis. This year promises to be a unique opportunity for the tattoo collector to have access to the best art work in the country.  This year the Tattoo Café will be offering a full line of official merchandise including men and women’s t-shirts, posters, art prints and playing cards. 
As a special bonus for the Buffalo Chip patrons, the Tattoo Café will be giving discounts to military, law enforcement, fire & rescue and public school teachers.  We are offering everyone the chance to collect top quality custom work with exceptional pricing.
The Tattoo Café will be in operation from August 2rd to August 11th.  We will be open from 1pm to midnight each day of the rally.  We strongly suggest that you view the artist work from the links we are providing below.  It is a good idea to pre-book with any artist before the rally if possible.  It is the philosophy of Shaun and his team that the art they create will last a lifetime, and they put a lifetime of work into every client.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Tattoo Café, and “Clean Ink to All”.



FACEBOOK: halloweentattoos
INSTAGRAM: @halloweentattoos



Shaun Kama was born in Heidelberg, Germany to two parents that served during the Vietnam War. After moving to Albany, NY in his youth, Shaun’s family spent summers in Great Barrington, MA, where his passion for painting began while studying the works of Norman Rockwell at his original gallery. He later moved to Southern California, attending high school in Huntington Beach, where he was commissioned by friends and students for his talents at logo and skateboard design. At age 16, Shaun started playing in his first band, beginning a lifelong love of music and performing. After finishing school, Shaun moved to Los Angeles in the wake of the glam scene, and joined Hello Disaster, an up-and-coming punk band. With his musical career launched, Shaun set off on a new adventure, beginning his apprenticeship with the World Famous Mark Mahoney at the Original Shamrock Studios. His journey into the arts had just begun.

Tattooing for over 15 years, Shaun has found his niche in the tattoo world. His personal tastes as a tattoo artist lead him to the dark and macabre, which led to his reputation as the king of Halloween Tattoos. Shaun’s work is dark and edgy, with incredible detail and vibrant color. He is also skilled in single needle black and grey work, through working alongside Mark Mahoney and Bob Vessels. His artistic influences include Normal Rockwell, Salvador Dali, Boris Vallejo, Bernie Wrightson, Ralph Steadman and Frank Frazetta. He describes himself as a Jack-of-All-Trades with personalization to the tastes of his clients. Shaun also regularly paints, working in acrylics, oils and watercolors. He can often be found doing a variety of commissioned artworks for his clients, and his paintings can be seen at a variety of art events throughout the year.

Throughout his career, Shaun’s love for music has continued, with Shaun serving as the front man for Living End, Damnation, and his current project, Shaun Kama and the Kings of the Wild Frontier. While tattooing, Shaun is almost always found with a set of headphones on, listening to his trusty iPod. His musical tastes are vast, ranging from Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers to Slayer, Otis Redding and Nick Cave to The Highwaymen and Lords of the New Church.

As a regular in the tattoo and horror convention circuit, Shaun has dedicated himself to bringing his art around the country and internationally. He is the driving force and event producer behind the annual Buffalo Chip Tattoo Café in Sturgis, SD. Summer 2013 will be the third successful year of this event. Shaun will be traveling with Black Veil Brides on the 2013 Warped Tour tattooing across the U.S. and Canada.

In addition to permanent tattoos, Shaun has become one of the leading temporary tattoo artists in the industry, working as a primary artist on commercials, print campaigns and music videos. Many celebrity A-listers have worked with or been tattooed by Shaun, including Rihanna, Jamie King, Janet Jackson, Missy Elliot, Nelly, Jada Pinkett Smith, Sinbad, and Bob Hailey. The list continues to grow as Shaun establishes himself as a tattoo artist to the stars.

Shaun Kama is currently sponsored by Eternal Ink, Welker Machines, Critical Power Supply, Inkeeze, Mithra Tattoo Supplies, Torino Tattoo Supplies, Brian Campbell Machines, Electric Soul Machines, Glove 4 the Artist, Coffin Case, as well as Red Monkey Leather. Shaun has also been instrumental in the development of Rocco’s Old School Tattoo Balm, and served as its brand ambassador during its first year in the market.

Shaun is currently or has been a guest artist at these tattoo shops:

  • Vintage Tattoo Art Parlor (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Pussycat Tattoo Parlor (Las Vegas, NV)
  • Shamrock Social Club (W. Hollywood, CA)
  • All Hallows Ink (Fullerton, CA)
  • Mom’s Tattoo Shop (San Francisco, CA)
  • Artifact Tattoo (Santa Clarita, CA)
  • Big City Tattoo (San Diego, CA)
  • Unbreakable Tattoo (Studio City, CA)
  • El Classico Tattoo (Los Angeles, CA)
  • XS Tattoo (Montreal, QB)
  • Urban Tattoo (Arlington, TX)
  • Electric Lotus Tattoo (Oklahoma City, OK)


  • Body Art Expo (Pomona, CA / Phoenix, AZ / San Antonio, TX / San Francisco, CA / Houston, TX / San Diego, CA)
  • Annual Buffalo Chip Tattoo Café (Sturgis, SD)
  • Rue Morgue Festival of Fear Horror Convention (Toronto, ON)
  • Monster Mania Horror Convention (Hunt Valley, MD / Cherry Hill, NJ)
  • Texas Frightmare Expo (Dallas, TX)
  • South Texas Horror Convention (McAllen, TX)
  • Musink Tattoo Expo (Costa Mesa, CA)
  • Eternal Tattoo Expo (Detroit, MI)
  • Philadelphia Tattoo & Art Expo (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Chicago Tattoo & Art Convention (Chicago, IL)
  • Gulf Shores Tattoo Invitational (Galveston, TX)
  • Lone Star Rally (Galveston, TX)
  • Ink Masters Tattoo Invitational (Anaheim, CA)

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Rob Hill

The Man In the Black Fedora

Rob Hill was destined to be an artist from the moment he was born.  While growing up in Ventura, CA, Rob has been drawing for as long as he can remember.  As a young artist, he fondly recalls painting and drawing in various mediums, from airbrushing with his father to painting with watercolors and acrylics with his grandmother.  During school, Rob couldn’t hide his artistic nature.  He often found himself drawing on book covers and homework to keep himself entertained in school.  His love for art continued, with Rob taking drafting and architecture courses from 8th grade into his high school years.  Drawing and design courses quickly followed.

Living on the Southern California coast where surfers, skaters, punkers, rockers, not to mention gangs and bikers are the norm, Rob was constantly surrounded by the tattoo culture.  Coming from a family that loves to ride Harley Davidson’s, race motorcycles, and get tattooed only made his aspirations of becoming a professional tattoo artist that much stronger.  

Rob’s first real introduction to tattoo was in 1984, under less than optimal circumstances.  At the age of 11, a family friend moved in with Rob and his mother, and started doing tattoos at their kitchen table.  Rob was fascinated watching him work, although he now realizes how dangerous the lack of sterility and health precautions could have been.  He would sit for hours watching him work and learning the principles of tattooing.  At age 15, Rob performed his first tattoo on a friend, using a safety pin and thread to tattoo by hand.  

Rob went through a few rough years following high school, during which he was exposed to the art of tattoo in a completely different manner.  After being shown how to  convert an old Walkman motor into a homemade tattoo machine, Rob quickly learned the prison style of tattoo.  He was able to pull himself back up, and started tattooing regularly on his friends in the Ventura County area.  His life was about to take a drastic turn.

Seeing his talents, he was approached by friend and professional tattoo artist Mitch Sutton (RIP) to work in his first studio.  Rob picked up his first professional machine at age 20, and has been on his path to greatness ever since.   He later worked alongside Leonardo Martinis and Jim Hayek, picking up tips and honing his talents. He prides himself on always learning, and working to expand his knowledge of new techniques, styles, and equipment.

Rob’s work ranges from black and grey, fantasy and gothic, and now sees him working with softer color blends.  He has also become known for his free hand style of tattoo, and has been branching into bio-bone skulls and everything in between. Rob is a Certified Commercial Artist, and he continues to work with commercial art, which lends itself to his passion for realism and portrait tattoos. To this day, Rob holds his father and grandmother as his greatest artistic influences.  In the tattoo industry, Rob looks to artists like Bob Tyrell, Paul Booth, and Guy Aitchison as inspiration.  He keeps a steady eye on the new generation of artists, as they continue to push the envelope of tattooing in a variety of ways.  With over 20 years as a professional tattoo artist, Rob continues to evolve with the tattoo culture, always looking to push the boundaries of his craft.

While calling Ventura Tattoo of Ventura, CA his home studio, Rob also regularly travels the tattoo convention circuit, laying down beautiful tattoo work around the world.  He has tattooed several celebrities, including Championship Boxer Fernando Vargas, Saint Dog and Chuckie Chuck of the Kottonmouth Kings.

Rob Hill is currently sponsored by Richie Bulldog’s Hustle Butter aftercare cream.  He is pleased to be working with Franco Vescovi’s Bishop Rotary tattoo machines, as well as machines by Jeff Rowe at Bloodhound Irons and Kevin Hurtubise from Triple R.


For more information about Rob Hill, please contact me @:


∙We can supply you with high resolution images for publication and any additional information about the artist upon request..
∙Rob is available to travel for interviews, conventions and performances with scheduling.
∙Please check out Rob’s website for an extensive portfolio, artwork or to make appointments atTattz.com



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From Reno NV, Nikki Costalupes will be a returning original artist of the Legendary Buffalo Chip Tattoo Cafe. A well traveled convention artist and mechanical enthusiast, she is looking forward to her 3rd Sturgis Rally with the Buffalo Chip. Her style of tattooing captures influence from traditional american tattooing and realism to achieve a truly unique style. Her electric and charming personality guarantees a beautiful tattoo and experiance that is one of a kind. In her free time she enjoys wrenching around in the garage, pinstriping custom bikes and hot rods for Battle Born Automotive and working on her '64 Dart.
For Bookings Please email:
Please follow me online to see my recent work and adventures:
Instagram:     NikkiSinTattoo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nikki.costalupes


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Jimmy Utah was introduced to tattooing by his Uncle Danny DeRosa of Smoking Gun Tattoo (Long Island, NY).  James considers himself lucky to have memories of tattooing before it became a major cultural phenomenon. Watching his Uncle work left an impression on him, hypnotized by the practice Jimmy turned out his first Tattoos on his friends in the mid 90s.  In 2008 James opened Rogue Parlour Tattoo in Tucson, AZ. Rogue Parlour Tattoo has became Tucson’s premier tattoo studio and has received major awards for high quality and bold tattoos.  Jimmy received a BFA in Illustration from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena CA, and an MFA in painting from the The School of Art Institute of Chicago. His work has been showcased in a number of Magazines including Art Forum and Juxtapose, he has also published illustrations for the likes of Disney and Esquire Magazine, if its good enough for them its good enough for your skin.


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Javier “Bamboo” Espinoza began his extraordinary career at The Tattoo Shop located in La Puente, California where he apprenticed under Big Tony alex and Kojak. Tattooing has been his passion and art. He has been tattooing professionally for 13 years and had the opportunity to execute his creativity across county and overseas.  I have had the privelage to work along side  Rick Walters, Tennessee Dave, Odie and Shaun Kama. Bamboo “meaning long life” has continued to grow by presenting his unique art in magazines. His original style includes old school black and gray, photo realism, traditional, bold bright colors and traditional Japanese. His clients seize the opportunity to exhibit his artistry.you can see more on facebook at javier espinoza/sgv4me@hotmail.com and instagram @bamboofoo


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Crash Manson

I've been tattooing professionally since 2010, although I completed a proper apprenticeship in 1998.

I'm the tattooing descent of Matt Butler of London, England. We all came up under the Mike Pike, "Psycho City"

Family in the southern California dessert. I own a tattoo shop named  "La Rue Tattoo Co." And have worked with some legends /learning from them, such as Baba, Rick Walters, Tenn. Dave James, Eric Blair, Ruger, and tour the country doing guest spots 16-18 times a year. Guest Spotting in NYC at "The End is Near" (owned by Craig Rodriguez), and "Eastern Clasics Tattoo" in Kona, HI.) owned by Avery Helfrich. I'm sponsored by Quantum Tattoo Supply, and have my own line of grey wash called, "Crash Manson's Graveyard Shifts" (Shades from the dark sides). I've won several awards, and recently just shot with "Justice Howard" for "Savage Tattoo Magazine" coming out this july.

I enjoy Realism, Custom Script, and neo/Illustrative tattooing....and very, very, very sharp knives.

Crash Manson

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David Chiefalo

My name is David Chiefalo, im 24, i have been tattooing for 5 years. live in melbourne, Australia. working out of purple haze tattooz. worked in highland park, CA.  at vintage tattoo art parlour and modern electric tattoo co. in Bakersfield, CA. in 2012. my style is neo traditional, bold colour and black and grey.

facebook; david chiefalo
instagram; david chiefalo
e-mail; chooffy@hotmail.com
phone; (626) 206 8919

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Adam Moorhead

Adam Moorhead:35 yrs young.  Tattooist at Dermagraphink in North Hollywood, Ca. Father of a 20 month old beautiful boy. Loves to paint. Any kind of paint. Has been tattooing professionally for 7yrs. Favorite quote. "That's enough money to get me into trouble, but not enough to get me out."
contact info
(818) 970-7511


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