Sturgis Campground Offers Golf Cart Rentals during Bike Week


Golf Cart Rentals Help You Travel through the Premier Sturgis Campground

Cruise through the Premier Sturgis Campground in Comfort!

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Sturgis Bike Week is always a busy time for everyone. You want to pack in as much excitement and get to all of the hot spots as easily as you can during the precious few days you spend at our Sturgis campground. GTI offers quick and convenient transportation. Rent a golf cart and worry no more about getting to and from your favorite Sturgis Buffalo Chip stops. 

Whether you’re headed to the Bikini Beach to catch some rays or motoring on over to visit your buddy across the campground, GTI’s golf cart rental service allows you to take a load off and get where you are going quickly during Sturgis Bike Week. The only way to ensure your cart for the upcoming Sturgis Rally is to reserve online.   

On-site daily rental rates:

Two Passenger: $100

Four Passenger: $125

Six Passenger: $140

Utility Truck: $125

Receive the following discounted per-day rates when you rent for a minimum of three days: 

Two Passenger: $60

Four Passenger: $70

Six Passenger: $90

Utility Truck: $70

Receive a greater discount of $5 per day when you rent for seven days or more and pay on site.  

Golf carts may be used for transportation in and around the campground only. For safety reasons, golf carts and four wheeled vehicles may be prohibited after 8:00 p.m. and in the amphitheater at any time. Please read the campground Vehicle Policy for more information. 

Don’t wait and be left walking from place to place and miss an event. Reserve your golf cart now and have it waiting for you when you arrive at the Best Party Anywhere™!

“I love the fact you allow the golf carts and 4-wheelers. Makes it easier on the feet, plus our Harley!” – Billie Jo Adams


Reserve Now

There may be some carts available for rental on-site if you haven’t pre-rented one. The rates for on-site rentals will be:
2 passenger daily rental price $100
4 passenger $125
6 passenger $140
Utility truck  $125

3-day minimum per day:
2 passenger $65
4 passenger $75
6 passenger $95
Utility truck $75
*7 days or more paid on site and we will take $5.00 per day off the daily rate*