Kinison Showcase Stage hosts great bands at unique Sturgis biker bar

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Situated just off of the main amphitheater, the Kinison Showcase Stage, also known as the Kinison Playground, provides the perfect atmosphere for showcase bands to come in and rock the audience before and after the main stage shows at the Best Party Anywhere. The stage, which is located within the main amphitheater, has a large dance floor and has played host to many bands and artists over the years. Many interesting features of this Sturgis biker bar include an old bus that was converted into a bar, the Strip Club Choppers dancing pole, mechanical bull riding and more, The stage often plays host to a wide range of entertainment acts as well, including fire dancers and comedy acts.

Only at the Legendary Buffalo Chip’s Sturgis biker bars, will you also find the Kinison stage cranking out classic rock near the now famous steel bars, where bikes can ride up and watch the bands from over head, or burn out on the steel platform above. 

The Kinison Stage provides the perfect adult playground atmosphere at the Legendary Buffalo Chip for party attendees to get a once-in-a-lifetime experience they’ll never forget.  Check out of Buffalo Chip’s full concert lineup to see which bands will be playing this showcase stage during this year’s motorcycle rally.

Also, check out any of the other unique Stages and Sturgis bar areas at the Chip, such as the Bikini Beach Showcase Stage area, the Micro Brew Club area, the Hoyt Axton Showcase Stage area, and the new CrossRoads Stage.

The Buffalo Chip offers more music, entertainment and stages at it’s group of  Sturgis bars than any other place around. Take your pick of entertainment and have the time of your life this August.

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