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Get FREE STUFF when you show up at the Sturgis Rally Information Center!

If you’ve stopped and registered at Sturgis Rider Friendly Establishments on your way to the Largest Music Festival in Motorcycling™ then you’re in for some great gifts once you arrive just for supporting the rider friendly community. Here are a few items you could receive (limited to items on hand):


Sturgis Buffalo Chip Commemorative Coin

This minted and forged collectors’ coin will be just as much at home in your display case as in your vest or pants pocket. The coin features Sturgis Buffalo Chip® logos on one side and the famous Field of Flags and the American Veteran Traveling Tribute Memorial Wall on the other. Commemorative coins available while supply lasts. Sturgis Rider Friendly Establishments. 

Microfiber Ride Map

The map features the best motorcycle rides in the Black Hills on a tear-proof, water-resistant 11 ½” x 8” microfiber cloth. Use it to clean your glasses, goggles, windshield and mirrors, as well as to keep you from getting lost while riding some of the most beautiful mountain roads in America. This is the most useful piece of cloth you will ever treasure. It takes up to zero space and weighs about as much as a thought.

Commemorative Buffalo Chip Books

There are periodic drawings all week long for FREE commemorative copies of Doris Powers Lauing’s hardcover classic, “Sturgis Buffalo Chip: The First Thirty Years”, and Toni Woodruff’s “CHIP SHOTS.” Doris’s coffee-table quality, four-color publication is full of awesome photography covering the history and legacy of the Legendary Buffalo Chip. “CHIP SHOTS” is a classy collection of snappy stories and exclusive pictures only someone on the “inside” could have gotten. Your registration for the Sturgis Rider Sweepstakes is your chance to win.