Wedding Ceremonies at CrossRoads: The Only Place To Elope With Your Bike

Marry Your Bike, Marry Your Loved One or Renew Your Vows in the World’s Only Ride Through Chapel During the Sturgis Rally

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Do you love your motorcycle enough to throw a bridal veil, garter belt and corsage on it and take it to be yours in holy matrimony for the rest of your life? Well, make it official this summer at the only place in the world where you can elope with your bike. Your veil, tux, and marriage certificate are waiting for you at the CrossRoads at the Buffalo Chip! Take your beautiful motorcycle out for an intimate moment you’ll never forget during the Sturgis Rally. All you have to do is show up, ride in and say, “I do.” You can even canonize your endearing love for each other with a lovely ceremony officiated by none other than former WWF superstar, the Honky Tonk Man!

The guitar-toting, pro wrestling legend will be on hand from 2-4 p.m , Friday Aug. 1 through Friday, Aug. 8. to wed you and your bike at the Buffalo Chip’s free-access CrossRoads destination. The Chip’s quaint Ride-Through Chapel is situated in the midst of biker heaven with a backdrop of one thousand American flags and the iconic Bear Butte.

You will receive a ceremony certificate and a photo of you and your wedded bike. A copy of the photo will also be placed in the gazebo at the CrossRoads for all guests to see and admire.   

The following items will be available for your ceremony: 
- Sports coats with attached boutonniere
- Top hat
- Veil for the bike
- Garter belt for the bike

The Chip will provide everything you need to marry your bike, but if you and your motorcycle eventually decide to part ways, don’t blame the man who once held the WWF Intercontinental Title for 454 days! This is one time Honky Tonk will show you mercy from his famous “Shake, Rattle and Roll” finishing move that has caused many a referee to call for the bell. 

Marrying your bike truly is a great way to celebrate a love that never dies, but for those of you who prefer to marry a real human being, the ride-through chapel at the CrossRoads is also available for marriages and vow renewals. 

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If you’re game for a little “lovin’ your bike” today say, “Hell Yeah!” in the comments below. 

“The entire experience is amazing!” -Lisa Isbell Hagdohl



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