Pickle Lickin’ is a Time-Honored Buffalo Chip Tradition

Put Your Pickle Lickin’ Skills to the Test Daily at the Kinison Stage

Slurp, Gulp and Lick Your Way to A Fat Stack of Cash and More

The World Federation Pickle Lickin’ Championship is a contest rooted deep within the history of the Best Party Anywhere™. Long before celeb photos floated around on a cloud or anyone tried to break the Internet, the hottest biker babes were taking a knee and thrilling Chip crowds with their Pickle Lickin’ prowess. 

We believe that if it ain’t broke, you shouldn’t try to fix it, and you should always keep a good thing going. That’s why the time-honored tradition of the World Federation Pickle Lickin’ Championships are returning to the Best Party Anywhere! 

Pretty much anything goes in Pickle Lickin’, but contest host and world-famous Wolfman Jack Stage emcee Hank Rotten does have a few rules. Those include no using your hands while the pickle is still on the string, and absolutely no teeth! Beyond that, the sky is the limit.

So if you perk up at the thought of a plump pickle, then step up on stage to show off your skills in this daily contest at the Kinison Stage. If you’ve got the best technique, you’ll join the prestigious Pickle Lickin’ Hall of Fame, earn a fat stack of cash and bring home a souvenir jar of juicy Woody Gerkins.

If you think the World Federation Pickle Lickin’ Championships sound like a good time, you’ll also enjoy the Fake Orgasm Contest, The Air Sex Championships and The Midnight Endurance Ride.

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