Alice Cooper



Shock Rock for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

He’s reinvented himself more than Madonna. But, he’s always dark. He’s always entertaining. And, he’s playing at the Legendary Buffalo Chip on Saturday, Aug. 5 during this year’s Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Blood and Eyeliner at the Sturgis Rally!

After 30 albums and some of the most famous rock songs ever recorded, you’d think Alice Cooper’s demons would’ve been conquered by now—or maybe locked in a cage and fed undercooked meat. But the man who changed the course of rock music in the ‘70s with bloody guillotines, sparking electric chairs, slimy boa constrictors, and a little blood and eyeliner still has more to slay.

Roger Waters Knows

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters put it this way: "No one in this band can play a guitar like Eric Clapton or a stage like Alice Cooper." Nobody ever before looked like him, sounded like him, or acted like him. And nobody could shred the speaker of an AM transistor radio like Alice Cooper. He was a first-class hit disturber--and his greatest class disruption exploded onto the airwaves in the summer of 1972 with all the subtle impact of ten fingernails shrieking across a classroom chalkboard.

Only the Best at the Buffalo Chip’s Sturgis Rally Concert Series

Alice Cooper is still and forever rock’s reigning shock rock icon. He’s ready, willing and promising more thrills and theatrical chills -- in short, he's the perfect start for Chip's the 25th Annual Party.

Crash Kelly to open for Alice Cooper