The Chip is THE Sturgis Rally campground that has provided entertainment for 24 consecutive years.  The 2006 Sturgis Rally will be the 25th consecutive Sturgis Rally Party at the Legendary Buffalo Chip.
The Chip provides entertainment for at least nine consecutive nights, from the Friday before the "official" Sturgis Rally dates, through the Saturday of the "official" Sturgis Rally ends.
The Buffalo Chip provides THE Sturgis Rally party.  That party has and will continue to include internationally known headline entertainment on each of the nine nights.  Additionally, future stars will be entertaining daily starting about noon.  Please see the individual days' schedule for details.
The Chip does not formally announce any entertainers' appearance until everything is fully worked out with all interested parties.  The Chip will update its website the instant another Sturgis Rally concert at the Chip is able to be announced. 
Please do not telephone the Buffalo Chip's office to try to get some inside tips about prospective entertainment that does not yet appear on the website.  The staff does not have that information.  Please just be assured that the Chip will provide the very best quality entertainment available for your Sturgis Rally party.  The Chip's 24 year record of doing so is why the industry began referring calling it "The Legendary Buffalo Chip".
Again, Sturgis Rally concert entertainment will be posted to the Chip's website as soon as reasonably possible.  The only possible way you might find out before it's posted would be through announcement on the Buffalo Chip's official newsletter, The Sturgis Rider News. Any important events will be so announced.